Skills from School that You Will Actually Use


You will forget tons of stuff that you learned at school. Moreover, even while you are learning it, you are thinking about how useless it is and how pointless it is that you have to spend night after night cramming something that will vanish from your brain in a week or so. However, it is a big mistake to think about your time at school as a waste of time. Even when it seems useless, it is still all about acquiring skills that you will need later on. Here are just a few of them.

Dealing with Authority

Professors, principals and other members of the staff are the first authorities that a person meets after their parents. These people can be good or bad, more or less talented for their job. Therefore, this is the first time when a person decides how to deal with different types of authority. In many cases, that is how they will deal with their future boss.

Getting the Job Done

Homework and schoolwork are quite similar to the job tasks that a person will be getting throughout the career. There is a task and there is a deadline. You need to learn how to deal with things that you do not really like doing or that bore you to death. Those sorts of things will be a part of your everyday life and you job, as well. During your school days, you need to learn how to cope with tasks that you do not like. It is a very useful skill to learn and make them as effortless as possible.

Critical Thinking

Good teachers teach kids critical thinking and the ways they need to question everything, demanding reason and proof. Critical thinking is an essential skill for every good employee and employer alike. That is a skill that improves the quality of life and that is why you need to make sure that you practice it in high school whenever possible.

Finding Your Way in a Group

Every school is a group. In high school, this is more noticeable than in any other school. Therefore, you hone your social skills here and learn where your place in a group is. In that way, you can work to change it or you can explore it make yourself comfortable in it. Either way, learning social skills and getting around in a group of people increases your chances to become excellent communicator.

Note Taking

Taking notes is an amazing mental workout that improves your listening and organizational skills. It makes your brain work faster and you get to practice summing up and extracting the important info from the bulk. It is also something that you will be doing on the seminars, business meetings and different forms of professional development. High school is the place to practice it.

Skills from School


In order to be able to collaborate and to be a team worker, you need to learn how to share. It means to use the things that other people made and to give yours for the using. A very nice way to start is to begin using and sharing things like physics notes. That is a similar way of sharing data as some companies have. Learning from the notes other people make will teach you how others think and how they organize their thoughts and notes.

There is so much more to high school than just lessons that are taught from the books. School prepares you for life and there are skills that you want to pick up on those classes, as well as on the recesses.


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