Goa – A Passionate Rendezvous With The Serene Beaches


Goa is a world famous holiday destination and a much loved tourist destination and the most unique asset of its, which separates it from the rest of the tourist destinations in India are its beautiful serene beaches which is what this article talks about.

Goa is the the most popular holiday destination in India. This beautiful and happening beach party destination is one of the most visited place by tourists and travelers. Goa has a rich culture and tradition, a lot of which has a lot of Portuguese influence to it passed down from the colonial era.

Goa sees two seasons of surge in visitors – the peak summer and the winters. During the summers it is mostly people from other parts of India who come to enjoy the sun and beach and stay in the shack hotels in Goa along the beaches to enjoy the cool breeze from the sea at night. During the day you will see a huge crowd of people scrolling around in hawaiian shorts and sunglasses holding a pint of cold light beer or a coconut with a straw in it. The winters see mostly tourists as tourists normally choose to visit India during winters, as summers are too hot and humid for them. Although the scene during the day is almost the same, the night parties in the open air of the beach during winters is something you should definitely look forward to during your trip to Goa.

Listed below are the five most popular beaches in Goa, in no particular order.

things to do in goa

  • Baga Beach – One of the most popular beaches in Goa best known for its crazy parties, nightlife and delectable and fresh seafood cooked and served in open fires in shacks or restaurants. National swimming competition is also held every year at this beach during the month of September to November.
  • Candolim Beach – Situated almost adjacent to the Baga beach, this beach is a sight of plain beauty. Long stretches of clean beautiful sand and a perfect view to sunset and sunrise, this side is normally much quieter and peaceful compared to the Baga beach
  • Mandrem Beach – Speaking of beauty, Mandrem beach is considered as among the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Asia. Mandrem has a serene and romantic ambiance to it, making it a common honeymoon destination.
  • Agonda Beach –  Another quiet and beautiful beach with lesser crowds and less party scenes, this place is also a quintessential location for meditating facing the sea during sunrise. During winter evenings, you may find people sitting around small bonfires and talking over a few beers but there is never a loud affair of heart thumping bass or echoes of EDM sounds.
  • Cavelossim Beach – The unique thing about this beach as compared to the other beaches is that it is flanked by beautiful paddy fields and coconut groves. Although not as popular as the other beaches and is often less visited as there is no hype about this place, this place makes a delightful escape if you want to steer away from the crowd of people.

Instead of sitting home and reassuring yourself a visit to this beautiful location ‘next year’, simply go and book your tickets online and get on with the trip! It is easier than you would imagine it to be and the ticket booking process is no longer a hassle as you can easily get your PNR status online with one click. The cost of living is low in Goa and you will have the time of your lives.


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