Matheran – Home to exotic locales full of splendor of nature


Matheran is one of the places that are best when explored on foot. It is a quaint hill town in Maharashtra and full of wonderful tourist attractions and allures. Head to the wonderful hamlet if you seek a fun holiday and make your stay at one of the best hotels in Matheran.

Ask any traveler who has been to Matheran about its allures and attractions and they will give you the names of a number of tourist attractions along with a number of reasons why you should check this little hamlet town. Scenic to the extent to make one fall in love with the place, the hill town in Maharashtra has long fascinated backpackers, adventure buffs, nature lovers, and honeymooners. With a small road distance from Mumbai, Pune, and Thane, that too full of scenic locales, there is a large horde of tourists from the neighboring cities that swarm into the place every year. The splendor of long preserved nature, comforting quietude that rejuvenates the soul, scenic countryside that is synonymous to heaven, old colonial bungalows and structures that provide a passage back into the time, and the simplistic life far away from the materiality of 21st century – there is something enchanting to everything that resides here. The plethora of unique tourist attractions and a number of fun adventure activities have earned the place a prominent name amongst the destinations in southwestern India. Plus, the new improved Matheran hotels keeping a striking balance with the natural wealth and historic heritages of the city, thrive to offer tourists with a wholesome tourism experience.


It quite fascinating to do horseback riding through the town, through the old houses, through the main market. Or, enjoying a horse-cart ride, as they are the only means of transportation for the fact the Matheran is a completely automobile free area. The government took the initiative in order to protect the natural wealth as well as the old world charm that are the most known attributes of the place. Ponies are generally used for transporting luggage and tourists do horseback riding to get to the places. However, as the place is quite small compared to other hill stations and towns, one will not have difficulties in getting around on foot. In fact, walking is generally advisable with the pleasant weather that remains all round the year, simply making the experience merry. Apart from a leisurely walk, there are outdoor attractions like trekking, rock climbing, paragliding, etc. that keep adventure lovers interested in the place the whole time.

While you are here it is expected from you that you visit Charlotte Lake, which is one of the chief attractions here. It is an artificial lake, built in 1956 in order to provide drinking water in the region. However, today it also attracts large counts of tourists. Go to a top vantage point and try to look at the lake that looks stunning and glitters, as the sunlight gets reflected. Two popular points, namely Echo point and Louisa point existing close to lake are often used as picnic spots. Birdwatching is one of the major allures of the lake to look forward. One can easily see the colorful domestic bird species flying over the lake, adding a whole new charm to it.

There are several other tourist attractions that you can relish. Book a flight of any major aircarrier like IndiGo airlines, Spicejet, Jet Konnect, etc., book hotel room, and get going to the quaint town!


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