How to Get Legal Help When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer


Are you wondering how to find legal help when you can’t afford it? It’s a frustrating problem to have and one that is more common than you might realize.

For many people, the cost of a good lawyer is completely outside of their budget. However, not being able to afford legal help does not mean your legal problems will suddenly go away. This means you can easily find yourself in a bad situation with seemingly no way out.

Fortunately, getting quality legal help when you can’t afford it is not an impossible task. By doing your research and taking advantage of local organizations, you can find the help you need, even when you can’t pay the going rate.

If you need free or affordable help with a legal issue and aren’t sure how to find it, this short and simple guide is for you.

Search for a Local Legal Aid Society

One way to find free legal help is to look for your local legal aid society. This is an organization that provides legal aid to those who cannot find a lawyer. You can find your local chapter by searching “your city name + legal society” online.

Work With a No Win No Fee Lawyer

Depending on your case, you might be able to work with a lawyer who specializes in no win no fee cases. Just like the name says, you only pay if your lawyer wins your case. This is ideal because the lawyer fees come out of your winnings, which means you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

Find a Pro Bono Lawyer

A pro bono lawyer is someone who takes on cases but doesn’t charge a fee. Taking pro bono cases is a responsibility every lawyer has, and most of them have to devote a certain number of hours per year on pro bono cases. If you need a lawyer but don’t have the budget, consider contacting a pro bono lawyer.

Contact Your Local Bar Association

A great way to get affordable legal help is to contact your local bar association. In most states, you can get free advice or affordable consultations directly from the bar association. This is an ideal way to get legal help for low-income individuals.

Use Court-Based Self-Help Services

Did you know your court has a legal help center? It’s true, your local courthouse has a department that will provide legal services to those who cannot afford them. This is a great option for anyone who is going to DIY their court case or legal matter.

This Is How to Get Legal Help When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

By using these tips, you can get legal help at a rate you can afford.

Some of your options include searching for a local legal aid society or working with a no win, no fee lawyer. You can also work with a pro bono lawyer or contact your local bar association. One option that might be useful is to use court-based self-help services for your situation.

Use one or more of these methods to find the legal help you can afford.

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