Is your Business Relocating? Ultimate Checklist for your Tech-list


There are various scenarios in which a business could decide to relocate. Perhaps you run a business that is doing exactly this in order to more easily reach out to geographic markets it hasn’t previously chartered. Alternatively, it might simply need a larger office space than what it currently has.

Whatever your company’s motives for moving, though, you should make sure your workers will have the complete range of tech they need in order to get their work done effectively. For example, you should give them access to…

Chat software

How will members of your team chat with each other throughout the workday – especially in our currently pandemic-conscious world, where people don’t want to get too physically close to each other? Your employees could simply use instant messaging and chat apps – though you ought to choose them carefully.

As advised in a Forbes article, you should take into account what security features each platform under consideration offers. Free-to-use apps you could contemplate include WhatsApp, Slack and Signal.

Conferencing software

Though videoconferencing functionality is built into many chat apps, you could easily find that this functionality is more robust on a platform primarily geared towards video conferencing. The best-known video conferencing apps include Zoom and Skype.

If you find that your company’s internet connection isn’t strong enough to deliver a professionally crystal-clear image on video, you could instead turn to a no-video conferencing tool like UberConference or the alternative software with the rather to-the-point name of Free Conference Call.

Email marketing

Marketing is one thing you might be convinced your business usually has little time for. However, you could be very mistaken if you are willing to introduce a degree of automation to your corporate marketing efforts.

As noted in a Business News Daily article, some companies – like Constant Contact and Zoho– can provide software that would enable you to prepare an email marketing campaign and then configure it to run automatically. So, you could, say, have a welcome email automatically sent to someone when they join your contacts.


Naturally, you want your business to deliver customer service of a high standard – and, in many instances, your business can now do that even in your absence, for one simple reason: chatbots.

These chatbots can provide a more “human” experience to your customers than you might have previously realized. For example, even when a chatbot fetches requested information automatically, it could still be programmed to leave a subtle “thinking” delay before the information itself is posted.

Telephone system insists that a phone line or connection must be transferred to your company’s new location or set up afresh there so that your staff can use the phone system as soon as they arrive in their new workplace.

If you know your company’s contact numbers will be changing, you should let people set to use those numbers – think, say, customers and staff – know beforehand. However, by using SIP trunking from the telecoms provider Gamma, you could keep your company’s existing numbers and, in this way, save yourself some hassle.


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