The Best Way to Sell An RV: 7 Hacks to Get the Best Price


Did you know that nearly 1 million Americans live in a recreational vehicle full time and almost 9 million US homeowners own an RV? Recreational vehicles are highly prevalent in all 50 states because people love to live in a motorhome while going on vacation.

However, when the holiday season is over, some people are looking for the best way to sell an RV. If you too are interested in how to sell a camper then keep reading this article. You’ll learn how to prepare your recreational vehicle and sell it for the right price.

1Improve the Interior of Your RV

Keep in mind that potential buyers will want to inspect your RV and check its interior condition. That’s why you should spend some time to clean up your recreational vehicle and make it look as inviting as possible. For example, you should clean and disinfect any cooking appliances and electronic equipment you might have such as a microwave oven, stovetop, etc.

Also, pay special attention to the bathroom as that’s usually the deal-breaker for potential buyers. Make sure that the toilet bowl and sink are disinfected. Look for signs of mold and mildew and remove it immediately if necessary.

2Improve the Exterior Appearance of Your Recreational Vehicle

After you have finished with the interior, it’s time to focus on the exterior. Some RV owners decide to apply a new coat of paint to their recreational vehicle and this is not a bad idea. The new paint job will make your camper look brand new. You should also focus on corners or certain areas where rust is easily visible. If you don’t want to paint your RV, you can at least wash it thoroughly.

3Time Your Sale

There are good moments and bad moments when you should sell your recreational vehicle. For example, try not to sell your RV during a recession or when the economy in your area is on a downward trend. In some cases, even rising gas prices can make people less likely to buy an RV.

Also, the time of the year is important. For example, most people use an RV to go on vacation during the summer months. You can prepare and advertise your recreational vehicle during the spring. That’s when most people start to make vacation plans and want to acquire a recreational vehicle.

4Use the Internet to Sell Your RV

The internet provides a massive opportunity for you to sell your RV quickly and easily. You can advertise your motorhome on various dedicated websites such as and find customers in just a few days of displaying your ad. To make sure your RV gets the most exposure, you need to be careful when creating the ad copy and when you display the photos.

For example, snap a few high-quality pictures of your recreational vehicle. Use a special camera or a modern smartphone to capture high-res photos. Potential buyers want to see the inside of your RV too, so snap a few photos of the interior as well. If you want your ad to stand out from the crowd, create a video of your RV as well. Film both the interior and exterior of your recreational vehicle and potential buyers will eventually be mesmerized by your video.

When it comes to the ad description, provide as many details as possible. For example, you should state the age of the vehicle, its condition, any upgrades and improvements you have made over the years, your location, asking price, and so on. Post your ad on multiple websites and wait for the phone to call. Chances are that you might receive phone calls from interested buyers sooner than you might think.

5Use Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Ad

Apart from websites where you can promote your RV ad, you should also use popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These platforms have millions or billions of registered users and many of them are probably looking to buy an RV.

You can either share the details of your RV directly on your social media account or post the link to a website where your ad is shown. At some point, people will ask questions about your recreational vehicle, so be prepared to answer them and eventually close the deal.

6You Can Also Sell Your RV Locally

If you don’t have time to promote your RV online, you can sell it to your local community. For example, there are campgrounds and RV parks where you can drive your vehicle, post a “For Sale” sign on it, and wait for offers. Potential buyers frequently visit such parks looking for RVs in good condition. In some cases, a buyer might want to check the interior of your RV, so make sure that you have cleaned it up thoroughly beforehand.

7Remember to Price Your RV Correctly

At the end of the day, you definitely want to make as much money from your recreational vehicle as possible. However, it’s not a good idea to simply price it absurdly high and wait for someone to buy it. Your RV might sit on the market for months in this case.

Do some research and see for how much money other RV owners sell their motorhomes. Price your camper reasonably and be prepared to do mild negotiations before closing the deal. Ideally, you’d want to sell your motorhome quickly and for a decent amount of money, so you can take this worry off your shoulders as soon as possible.

Now You Know the Best Way to Sell an RV

As you can see, the best way to sell an RV is by doing your homework in advance, improve your camper, and advertise it efficiently. It requires a little bit of work, but it can pay off in the near future. The money you obtain from your sold RV can be used for home improvements, an exotic vacation, or making an upfront payment for a new and more modern recreational vehicle.

To learn more about motorhomes, how to maintain them, and what destinations to visit this summer, check out the other articles on our website.


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