3 Tips for Buying A Motorhome


Buying a motorhome in the UK is easier than you might think. They’re not the least costly purchase for getting on the road though, so it pays to do your homework first. Buying a dependable motorhome means choosing what you need and getting one from a respected dealer that will be honest about which model is right for you and any defects in it if you’re looking for a second-hand model instead of new.

Here are three tips to assist you when looking to purchase a motorhome.

1. Fix a Budget First

While you might say that you cannot fix a budget before you know what a decent motorhome will cost – a bit of a chicken and the egg problem – the reality is that you need a place to start. If necessary, wander over to the motorhome dealer to make a note of prices to get some idea about how much different models cost. Alternatively, look at Auto Trader and their motorhome section to get some pricing estimates without leaving your desk.

Once you have a better idea about pricing for different motorhomes, you can consider finance or what savings you have on-hand to make the purchase. Then you can get closer to appreciating how much motorhome you can afford to buy and what features it’ll have.

2. Educate Yourself on Motorhomes and the Industry

Motorhomes are newer in the UK. Previously, people used to buy caravans and tow them around behind their car or SUV. However, now motorhomes are becoming more popular because they’re self-contained, which has its attractions to many buyers.

Before buying a motorhome, read up about different models and brands. Learn about the ones which are growing in the UK and have a fan base. Find some forums for motorhomes and read what people are asking to see what issues come up for new buyers like you. As the answers flow in, you can better understand the ins and outs of being an owner even before you buy your home on wheels.

3. Spot an Interesting Motorhome? Test Drive It

A good test drive of a motorhome reveals many things. There are numerous internal components fitted into the body. When driving, if you hear any strange sounds, that’s a good indication that something is loose and needs fixing.

You also want to test out all the facilities like the shower, washbasin, kitchen area, heating and cooling systems to ensure everything works as advertised. As it’ll be your home away from home, you don’t want it to spend half its life in the garage getting fixed. Therefore, it pays to take your time to check out a motorhome to ensure it’s manufactured properly or if it’s second-hand, that there’s nothing currently wrong with it.

When buying second-hand, getting an independent inspection of the vehicle isn’t a bad idea either. The AA offers reliable vehicle checks on vehicles including motorhomes in the UK that are definitely worth the price for the peace of mind alone.

Take your time to buy the right motorhome for you. It’ll be with you for many years to come, so ensure you make the right decision the first time.


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