Tips To Decorate Your Home With LED Light Strips


When LED lights were first introduced, they took the market by storm because studies show that the energy they emit alters the human’s energy levels just like the sun does. This is just one of the many revolutionary changes that LED lights have bought into our lives. So, let us see how we can make the most out of the LED lights in decorating our homes.

Advantages of Using LED Light Strips

LED lights have more uses over other regular lights and here are a few of their significant advantages:

  • They are highly efficient.
  • They have a longer lifetime.
  • They rarely suffer abrupt failures.
  • They emit much cooler light.
  • They come in varying sizes.
  • They have very quick on/ off time.

Using LED Light Strips to Light Up Your Home Interiors

Choosing the right kind and size of LED lights for your home depends on the space and the kind of mood you want to achieve in the said space. Here are a few quirky ideas of how you can use the LED light strips to decorate your home interiors:


There are a lot of DIY projects with LED light strips to create bedside lamps for those times when you want to read a book before going to bed. You can also use them to create patterns on the ceiling of the bedroom for a more dramatic look and feel. If you prefer a more romantic décor, you can use these LED lights along the top of the bed. When it comes to the bedroom, LED lights with soft/ warm white color would be the right choice. It creates a sense of calm and relaxation that promotes good sleep.

Bathroom Mirror and Cabinets

No one would give that much of an importance to the lighting in a bathroom. However, considering that it’s where most of us get ready, it’s nice to turn our bathroom mirrors and cabinets into something attractive. LED light strips along the borders of the mirror make the view brighter and make it look chic! You can also use them to line up the makeup cabinets and line along the drawers for elegant and feminine décor.

Living Room

In the living room, we prefer the mood to be lively and active. Hence, it is best to go with LED lights that emit bright white light that resembles daylight. You can use LED light strips on the ceilings of the living room in many creative ways. You can align them along the corners of the ceiling, or you can use them to create quirky patterns on the ceiling. You can alternate the colors of the LED light strips between bright white and another bright color like blue, orange or pastels to make the lighting look modern and trendy.

Along the Stairs

LED light strips come of great use while decorating the stairways. Be it a spiral stairway or a regular one. Using these LED illuminated strips underneath the stairways, all the way from top to bottom gives the whole stairways an ethereal look. You can also use these strips along the stairs on other stairays, based on your budget and preference.

Creative Wall Decorations

You can use LED light strips effectively in a lot of DIY projects when it comes to home décor. You can use them to create random patterns on the wall and then add a few photos for a creative wall decoration. On the other hand, you can also use them to create a few specific patterns like a star, square, triangle etc. on the walls to give the home a trendier and creative look.

LED lights for the exteriors of the house

We all know that lighting up the interiors of the house is very much a necessity. But at times, lighting the outdoors maybe even more a necessity than the interiors.


When someone is at your door at night, the first thing you do is to turn on your porch light to see who it is! So using bright white LED strips to light up your porches will make it look nice and safe.

Driveways and Pathways

Catch your guest’s attention and turn all eyes by using beautiful LED lighting along your driveway and pathway leading up to your home. These LED strips could either be warm white, for an elegant look, or you can go for the colorful Christmas feel to make it more fun and trendy.


If you have outdoor lawns and garden, you can make them look prettier with the LED lights. Adding the lights gives the lawns a beautiful glow, especially during evening parties or outdoor get-together. See to it that the strips come nowhere near the sprinklers or get in contact with water!

Outdoor Pools

For an outdoor pool and such, it is best to go with cool blue lights that give it a more romantic and ethereal look and feel. You must place the LED light strips along the borders of the entire pool. You can also put a few LED strips of equal lengths at an even distance from each other along the lengths and breaths of the pool.


There is not a single doubt that LED lights are here to stay and transform our lives for the better. So it’s time to acquaint ourselves with all that these LED lights have to offer to make our homes and lives brighter every day!


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