7 Factors That Influence Wall Fan Price


Wall fans are gaining popularity because they do not have any complicated installation procedure. They move conditioned air from one room to another. Wall fans can also be used to remove warm air from a building. Wall-mounted fans create a lot of space in the room for other furniture and equipment. They remove sweat from the skin by completely evaporating it, allowing you to remain cool. Wall fan prices vary with the difference in models and their specification.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that you need to consider before buying a wall mount fan:


When installing wall fans, there are no hard and fast rules. The most important factor to consider is the availability of space. This is measured in CM or MM. This way, you’ll be able to estimate the amount of space available. Then you must calculate the room’s volume, which is L x W x H. Multiply the total volume by the recommended air exchange rate for that specific space every hour. Finally, divide the result by 60 minutes to get the CM of the room.


The oscillation function is extremely useful. In most cases, an oscillating wall mounted fan is required. However, you can check to see if the oscillation can be turned on and off.

Wall fan price varies with different models.


If your wall mount fan has speed control, that’s a plus. Look for a fan that can operate at low or medium speed and is as large as you can reasonably accommodate. This way, your wall-mounted fan will be quieter and last longer when meeting your needs.  A smaller fan would be needed to run at full speed.

4Examine the fan’s sturdiness.

Lightweight fans are suitable for domestic use, as long as the material isn’t too flimsy. Plastic is commonly used for such fans. However, make sure that the fan you purchase is made of high-quality materials. Wall fan price of fans with high quality and durable materials is on the higher end.

5Easy Installation

Wall-mounted fans are one of the easiest fans that can be installed at home. You usually get an installation guide whenever you purchase a wall mount fan. They are so easy to install that you can hang them up with a metal hook in the corner of your room.

6The RPM of the Fan

It is essential that you decide the wattage of the fan and its rotation per minute before you purchase the fan. A fan will have a higher air throwing capacity if it has higher RPM. This will ensure air circulation in a wider area. Therefore, wall fan price will be higher for a fan with more rotations per minute than other fans.

7Extra Features

Though you wouldn’t expect much from a wall-mounted fan, some high-tech fans on the market will impress you. For example, the latest Luminous wall-mounted fans in India feature a compact and strong motor, 2X inverter run-time, and specially designed aerodynamic blades for noise reduction, among other features. They manufacture India’s best wall fans. So, before you go out and buy a regular fan, see if you can get features like these. Of course, the wall fan price of a fan with additional features will be higher than basic models.

Wall-mounted fans come at an economical price. However, wall fan price varies depending on factors like wattage, brand, RPM, quality, brand and size of the fan. Therefore, you should buy wall fans from reputed brands like Luminous. Luminous Mojo Plus, White Wall fan, is an affordable wall fan with amazing features and comes with an extended warranty.


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