Beat the Heat with Table Fans


Come summer, as the sun’s heat becomes unbearable, the first impulse is to crank up the air-conditioner. In a country such as India, however, air conditioners are not everyone’s cup of tea because of their high prices.

Along with that, they also bring huge electricity bills. For most of us, thus, cooling fans become an affordable option to beat the sweltering summer heat. There are numerous categories of fans available in the market that serve different purposes like table fan, ceiling fan, and ventilation fans.

Although Ceiling fan is the primary choice for cooling during summers, table fans offer tremendous versatility in terms of cost-efficiency, longevity, and usability. They are portable and can be placed anywhere according to your convenience. Furthermore, the high airflow of a table fan is perfect for cooling compact spaces or small groups of people. It also has multi-directional motorized oscillation, which promotes faster cooling in a small space. Table fans from reputable companies like Luminous have the best efficiency to serve during hot weather.

Usage/Benefits of a Table Fan

  1. Cools Your RoomTable fans are an affordable way to cool nearly every room in your home. They are ideal for more mild tropical climates such as that of India. As the table fans circulate cool air throughout the room, they can be quite refreshing. Table Fans are the most effective secondary cooling tool for compact spaces.
  2. Noiseless Options– Sleeping on a warm summer night can be uncomfortable, especially if you have no access to an expensive air conditioner. A table fan can be a perfect secondary cooling option here, as it works almost noiselessly, and can lower the ambient room temperature significantly to help you sleep comfortably.
  3. Ease of Assembly and Usage – Table fans are extremely easy to assemble and can be assembled by you at home with basic tools. Table fans are extremely easy to use due to their portability, just plug in to your nearest socket and you are good to go. This versatility makes a Table fan an extremely useful secondary cooling device.
  4. Décor Item– A table fan with a color option adds to the décor of your room and can be a refreshing touch of colourful vibrancy to accentuate the beauty of your home

The table fan provides horizontal air ventilation and, in effect, provides faster cooling compared to other fan designs. Additionally, all table fans have a rotating feature with smooth oscillation, which distributes the air equally inside the room. Reliable brands like Luminous, India offer a wide variety of table fans

Models are available in a wide range of colours and finishes in Normal Speed (1350 rpm) and High Speed (2100 rpm upwards). High Speed Fans are more suited to extreme summer or humid conditions. These models are equipped with automatic high-speed machine wound stators that provide higher performance efficiency. The components are engineered with high-grade plastic, which gives the products a sleek, classy feel along while ensuring their long-lasting performance.

The table fans are used for various places

  • Balcony/Terrace Garden to let you enjoy the weather
  • Living room to make the surroundings cool
  • Study room/WFH Bench to keep you cool while studying/working

Install Table Fan for budget friendly efficient cooling and ventilation

A fan helps during summers to keep the house cool. Every household requires a different type of fans like table fan, ceiling fan, and exhaust fan as these are essential for a comfortable and healthy living. You can choose the right fan based on the purpose it will serve or as per your requirements. For instance, a table fan is portable and can easily be used in the entire house by one or two people.

A variety of table fans by Luminous are budget friendly and provide a superior air throw. These fans not only give a better cooling experience, but their trendy design also adds a subtle stylistic feel to your home. The aerodynamics of the blades ensure optimal air output, superior air transfer throughout the room, long service life with optimum performance. You can explore the complete range online and buy the most suitable fan for your home needs.


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