How to Enjoy the European Championship when on Vacation this Summer


Next summer, the European Championships are on, which makes it the perfect time for any sports time to come and visit. Europeans are as crazy about their football as Americans are with theirs. Sure, it will take some getting used to calling soccer football, but that is a change that is easy to make.

Football fans in Europe are passionate, lively, and can make any trip to the continent so much more exciting. With some of the best football in the world taking place during these championships (minus FIFA, of course),you will not want to miss the Championships in Italy, Spain, England, or any of the other qualifying countries. So take your pick, book your tickets, and follow this guide to really get the most out of the Championship this summer:

1. Head to a Football-Obsessed Country

Every country that has qualified for the European Championship is a good choice for your summer destination, but some embody football into their very cultures. England, Spain, and Italy are some of the world’s fiercest fans and their clubs are known around the world.

What you might be surprised at, however, are that football fan bases are thriving throughout Europe. France, The Netherlands, Poland and Portugal are all fabulous destinations both for vacation and to watch football.

2. Get Tickets to a Live Match

Tickets are given a priority basis to long-time fans and are then sold from there. That being said, if you can get your hands on a live match – any match – you won’t be disappointed. The European Championship is more than just our version of the NFL. Each country’s team is comprised of the best players. It’s closer to the Olympics than a traditional sporting tournament, and this makes for some great football.

3. Enjoy Fan Zones or Find Live Streaming Restaurants

If you cannot get tickets to a live game then don’t fret. There will be bars, pubs, and “fan zones” where fans can gather and watch the games live amongst their fellow sporting fans. They are so much fun to be in and are infectious whether your team is winning or losing.

4. Bet on Games to Increase the Excitement

Whether you are in the stadium or in a pub nearby celebrating with other fans who couldn’t get tickets, you’ll want to put your money where your mouth is. Sports betting can give you so much to watch out for and to anticipate, even if the game doesn’t offer “on-the-edge-of-your-seat” levels of excitement every second.

5. Make Friends with Your Fellow Fans

If you can make friends with your fellow fans, you can go together to see each game at a different pub, or you might even learn some local tips on where you are staying so that you can head out and enjoy a non-football related vacation as well.

Europe is going to be on fire this following summer with passionate football fans, which means that you are going to want to head there too.


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