Enhancing Your Life with Amino Acids


Amino acids are the primary building block of proteins; they play a significant role in your body. For your body to function well, it will need about 20 different amino acids, these are all important for your overall health, but it has been found that only nine are essential. And when you are on the goal of building more muscle, you need a boost of proteins that are naturally loaded with these amino acids.

The protein compound has been built with chains of these different amino acids. When you consume protein, your body can break down these amino acids and utilise the benefits it offers. These will be transported through your body and perform different tasks, from shedding the unwanted fat to building lean muscles.

You need to consume 20 different amino acids to keep you healthy and fit, but over the years, scientists have been able to discover over 50 different amino acids available. But there are nine that have been classified as essential; these are valine, threonine, Lysine, Leucine, Histidine, Isoleucine, methionine, phenylalanine, and tryptophan.

Your body cannot naturally produce these nine essential amino acids it comes from your diet. Read on and find out what each of these essential acids can offer.

The role they play


This particular amino acid plays an integral role in the structure plus the function of enzymes and proteins, plus the overall production of their amino acids within your body.


It is among the three branched amino acids, and it is mainly responsible for stimulating the growth of your muscles together with regeneration after a vigorous workout. Additionally, it is responsible for energy production.


Another element that is responsible for the structure of proteins, to be specific collagen and elastin. These are essential components when it comes to healthy connective tissue and skin regeneration. It is also responsible for your overall immune function and fat metabolism.


Many have associated this particular one with causing some level of drowsiness. Still, it offers other functions like proper nitrogen balance, regulating your appetite, better mood and sleep and is a precursor to serotonin.


This is the compound responsible for detoxification and your metabolism. But this is not all it does, as it helps in the absorption of zinc, minerals for a healthy body while aids in tissue growth.


It is a branched-chain amino acid, just like valine, responsible for muscle repair after a workout and protein synthesis. It helps regulate your blood sugar levels, produce some growth hormones, and stimulate some wound healing.


Now, this is among the three branched amino acid and is involved with your muscle metabolism. It mainly focusses on your muscle tissue but is essential for your immune function and energy regulation in your body.


This amino acid is responsible for protein synthesis, proper enzyme and hormone production in your body and adequate calcium absorption. And this improves your immune system and aids in the production of elastin and collagen.


It is mainly used in histamine production; it is a neurotransmitter that is vital in your immune response, sexual function, digestion, and sleep and wake cycles.

This paints a clear picture of what amino acids are and their vital role in our body. You should read this amino acid sermorelin review. Since your body cannot produce these essential elements, your food and supplements need to accommodate them. All you need to do is have a balanced diet composed of varied components to keep you healthy, and your body will do the rest in producing the necessary proteins to function correctly.


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