Emergencies That Call For Help From Home Doctors


Sometimes medical emergencies and accidents happen when we least expect them. It may be late at night or during weekends when many clinics are not operational.

Home doctors are the best solutions for emergencies like that, especially if you are alone or with people who have not done first aid.

It is important to have caring partners like Brisbane doctors who have their home doctors available for you anytime. Their home doctors services are the best and exactly what you need.

This article outlines some emergencies that need you to call a home doctor immediately.


If you find yourself in a situation where a friend or a family member became unconscious in the house, you should call for a home doctor immediately. Sometimes the patient can have a pulse but not breathing, and sometimes, there can be an absence of both.

Whatever the case, it is essential to call home doctors, and while doing that, try administering first aid to the patient. Unresponsiveness for more than seven minutes can cause brain damage, and that is why help needs to be sought immediately you find the patient.

2Something Heavy Falling On You

You might be doing some heavy lifting, and a heavy object falls on you. If you cannot move the object yourself or if there are no neighbors around, calling a home doctor is your best option. Make sure that you do not move the part of the body under the heavy object.

Do not try pulling yourself out as that may lead to more damage. Call the home doctors as soon as you realize that you cannot move the object because staying under it can also be more dangerous.

3Intense Labor Pains

Sometimes labor pains can come so fast, and they can be so intense. It is best to consider calling a home doctor instead of trying to get to the hospital. Trying to get yourself to the hospital can be dangerous for both you and your baby.

Having the home doctors there with you will help reduce the risks. They can also help you deliver the baby at home and later take you to the hospital.


Sometimes there can be spiders or even snakes around us, and it can be hard to tell. If you get bitten by either one of them, the best thing to do is call a home doctor. Do not panic or try running for help.

That will cause the poison to travel faster through your body. Make sure that before they get there, you are calm and preferably seated or lying on the ground.

Having a home doctor attend to the poisonous bites can also increase the chances of them identifying the animal that bit you, which will make it easier for them to administer the antidote.


Having a family member or friend suddenly start convulsions in the middle of the night calls for attention from home doctors. It can be alarming, especially if they have never experienced anything like that before.

It is best not to try and administer any first aid as they convulse as that could lead to more harm. Make sure that you call the doctors immediately they start convulsing.

When the home doctors get there, they will easily determine the cause of the convulsions, and it will be easier for them to administer the right treatment.

6Excessive Bleeding

Losing blood is a significant cause of death when accidents happen. If you realize that you got into an accident that is causing you to lose a lot of blood, make sure you give the home doctors a call. Losing a lot of blood can cause you to go into shock, which can be an alarming situation, especially if you are alone.

Always make sure not to hang up after you call the doctors. They can walk you through some things that you can do to help the situation before they get there. Having that comforting and reassuring voice on the phone can also help you get over the fear and be more confident.

It also makes sure that you give them detailed information about where you are and how they can get to you. It is advised not to try administering any first aid if you do not know how or without the guidance of the medics.

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