6 Things To Remember When Picking Your Best Bouquets For Your Wedding


Although planning your wedding can be exciting, it can easily get overwhelming because you have to make numerous difficult financial decisions. Additionally, there are many aspects involved in planning a wedding from the catering to the photography sessions that can take a toll on you.

But, have you thought about your floral arrangement yet?

Many brides don’t know where to begin with their floral arrangement, and they end up rushing the process, resulting in costly mistakes. It’s vital to note that your bouquet can make or break your entire wedding.

For instance, choosing a color that’s too bright and doesn’t match or complement your wedding attire can draw attention away from your wedding pictures. Hence, instead of picking any bouquet, take time to consider how your floral arrangement blends into your wedding venue and attire.

To ensure you pick the best bouquets for your wedding, here are six things to remember.

1You can choose between real and artificial flowers

Most brides assume picking real flowers for their bouquet is the only best alternative. This is because real flowers are more traditional and elude class at any wedding venue. However, you can have an artificial wedding bouquets or a combination of both if you want to.

But, before deciding, ensure you know and understand the pros and cons of each option so that you can pick a bouquet that matches your needs. For example, wedding bouquets fake are less expensive, and you can easily find them in numerous options.

As for real flowers, seasons play a huge role as some flowers don’t bloom all year round, forcing you to pick an option that you don’t like.

2Less is more

It’s no secret that you want to have it all on your special day. But, trying to incorporate every flower you like into a little bouquet can be expensive and overwhelming. Therefore, instead of picking out every flower you like, come up with a theme, and stick to it.

Ensure the theme is uniform for every setting to avoid spending more money on different flowers. This also ensures your wedding doesn’t look too crowded.

3Your wedding venue sets the mood for your bouquet

Avoid picking the bouquets for your wedding before settling on your wedding venue. Different wedding venues call for different bouquets. For instance, simple and sophisticated arrangements work well for a city wedding, while for an outdoor wedding, wildflowers are more suitable.

If you aren’t sure about the variety and quantity of the flowers you need, consult with your florist as they can advise you accordingly. Remember, the bouquet you pick should complement your wedding venue and blend into your theme seamlessly.

Whether it’s rustic, modern, or sparkly, your floral arrangement should reflect your venue and style.

4Your wedding attire is the centerpiece

Forget about floral centerpieces. Your wedding attire is the centerpiece of your entire wedding. The last thing you want is having a bouquet that’s more intriguing and captivating than your gown.

Hence, when picking your wedding flowers, consider the color scheme and style of your bride and groom’s wedding attire. For example, for an off white dress, white flowers won’t complement it while purple or dusty pink flowers work perfectly.

For a wedding gown that isn’t traditional, e.g., has print or color, a plain bouquet is your best option. Perform your due diligence about bouquets and attire pairing before starting your floral shopping.

5Your budget determines your floral arrangement

Since floral arrangements are one of the expensive aspects of planning your wedding, it’s wise to plan your bouquet budget so that you don’t spend too much. To ensure you stay within your budget, shop around, and compare prices from different florists.

Also, look for cheaper alternatives such as wholesale wedding supplies. This way, you can get the best bouquets for your wedding at a reasonable price. However, you shouldn’t only consider the price when shopping for flowers. The cheapest alternative may not always be the best as it may be of low quality.

That’s why it’s important to choose affordable flowers without compromising quality.

With these tips, you can pick the best bouquets for your wedding without breaking your bank.

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