How to Keep Your Depression at Bay


Everyone talks about being depressed at some point in life. It’s often casually mentioned after a disappointment or a rough period in life. However, depression can be a serious problem that you can’t shake. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping, you are exhausted all the time, and you have lost all interest in life, these are signs that you are not experiencing a temporary problem. If you notice changes in your weight, your anxious, and only have a dark outlook, these are more signs of depression. You don’t have to live this way. Take action to take charge of your depression and have a healthier outlook.

Get Your Body Moving

One of the best ways to improve your emotional well-being is to exercise. Find something you enjoy. It shouldn’t be a chore that you dread. Go for a walk every day. Change up where you go to add some excitement to your routine. Bring your dog or team up with a friend. Make it something you look forward to with your spouse or partner. Try hiking. Swimming may be your release. Yoga is another form of exercise that is extremely relaxing. You may find a workout on a DVD or television that keeps you coming back for more. Not only will you lift your spirits, but you will also be physically healthier too.

Establish a Healthy Sleep Routine

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your emotions. Work on getting yourself into a good sleep pattern. You should shoot for six to eight hours of quality sleep a night. Try setting the stage for a relaxing night. Don’t eat anything for at least two hours before you go to bed. Put on relaxing music or watch something enjoyable on television. Try reading. Meditating may be helpful before you turn out the lights. Steer clear of topics and people that will get your mind running. Try and stick to a set time every night so your body will become accustomed to the pattern. If you wake up in the night, try soothing music or reading until you are ready to fall back to sleep.

Express Your Gratitude

All too often, we focus on what is wrong in life rather than what is right. Keep a gratitude journal. Every day, write something you are thankful for when you wake up. Do it again before you go to bed. Throughout the day, look back in your journal to remind yourself of the blessings you have in life. It may be as simple as writing, “I’m grateful I woke up today.” You may find yourself writing the same thing for days on end. At some point, you’ll find more things to be grateful for as your depression improves.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

If you spend all your time with people who complain, you are likely to feel more negative as well. Gravitate toward people who embrace life. Get involved in support groups or social groups that are positive. Make an effort to get out to see others. When you are depressed, you tend to isolate yourself. You need to get out of your shell.

Embrace Healthy Habits

You need to take good care of your body in order to improve your mental state. Make sure water is your first choice in beverages. Watch your portions. Turn to whole foods. Eat plenty of fresh produce and lean proteins. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D are important as well. They nourish your brain. When you put the right kind of fuel into your body, it can give your emotions a boost.

Seek Help from a Professional

If all of your own efforts fail, don’t give up on yourself. Turn to a psychologist Brisbane to get the support you need. It may be as simple as talking about your situation with an outsider to cut your problems down to a more manageable size. You can learn coping strategies to address your depression. In some cases, medication may be recommended. You won’t feel like you are an island. You’ll have someone you can turn to when your emotions are weighing you down. Together, you can find your way to a brighter future.

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