What to Do When You’re Too Early for Hotel Check-In

Hotel Check-In

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of arriving at your vacation destination too early for hotel check-in, then you know how frustrating this can be.

Not only are you likely tired from the plane ride, but you’ve also got all your luggage with you and this will slow you down. Wasting several hours waiting for check-in isn’t a great use of your time and it will only ruin your experience.

Fortunately, there’s no need to be held back by your bags. You have several alternatives at your disposal and you should use them to make the most of your delay.

We’ll go over four good solutions for being too early for hotel check-in below in case you ever find yourself in this situation!

Store Your Luggage and Roam Freely

If you have several hours to go before check-in, then the best option for you is to use a luggage storage service.

These can be conveniently found around many major cities and give you an easy way of putting your bags away. This frees you up from needing to lug them around, which allows you to enjoy your vacation with ease.

Typically, you aren’t able to explore your city until you’ve had time to check-in to your room. This lets you put your bags down so that you only need to carry your essentials.

With luggage storage, you no longer need to wait for this. Instead, you can store your bags at any time, which means you can get straight to the activities that you have planned.

There are surely several great shops, restaurants, and sights to see on vacation and this is a good opportunity to explore them. When you’ve had some fun and check-in time has passed, you can conveniently go pick your bags up and head to your hotel.

Relax in an Airport Lounge

Another good choice is to make use of an airport lounge.

Many airports have several lounges available for members of specific clubs. While you won’t likely be a member, many do offer a day pass that allows you access.

For $20-$30, you can enter an airport lounge and take advantage of the amenities they offer. Each lounge varies in what is available, but wi-fi, ample seating, refreshments, and snacks are common inclusions.

The best aspect of this is that you’ll be spending your time in an exclusive environment. This means that it will be fairly quiet and gives you the chance to relax.

An airport lounge is a good option if you are feeling fairly tired or jet-lagged after a flight. Luggage storage is an excellent solution, but you might not have the energy to explore the city just yet.

Use the Hotel Business Center

If you arrive at your hotel without realizing that it’s too early, then an airport lounge won’t help you. A good alternative is to use the hotel’s business center.

Many hotels offer a business center near their lobby. This will feature a few computers, wi-fi, and plenty of seating to lounge on.

While it might not be overly exciting, this gives you a chance to catch up on a few tasks that you might not have finished before leaving for your trip. Perhaps you need to send a few emails, write a blog post, or finish up a work project.

At the bare minimum, having access to free internet will help you pass the time. You should already have access to the business center because you have a reservation, so why not use what’s freely available to you?

Try to Negotiate Early Check-In

One last idea is to try and negotiate an early check-in.

Before you try this, set your expectations low and don’t assume that your request will be fulfilled. Hotel staff are not required to let you check-in early, so if they do, then it’s purely out of the kindness of their heart.

Don’t rely on hotel staff being accommodating because it isn’t always possible. If the hotel is entirely booked, then there may not even be a room for you to take.

If this is the route you choose to take, make sure to be respectful and understanding. Consider asking if you can take a cheaper room or if they have any upgrades available. While there’s no guarantee it will work, there’s a chance that it might and this will greatly help you out.

Closing Thoughts

One of the most frustrating aspects of a vacation is arriving at your destination significantly before it’s time to check-in with your hotel. This means that you’re stuck with your bags and no room to unwind in.

Fortunately, this isn’t a permanent problem and there are multiple great ways to pass the time.

A few suggestions include using a luggage storage service and exploring the city, buying a day pass to relax in an airport lounge, using the hotel business center, and attempting to negotiate an early check-in.

While being stuck with your luggage might be a hassle, don’t let it stop you from enjoying your vacation! Be proactive and find a solution that gives you back the time that you deserve!


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