Dublin Lawyers Debate Merits Of Covid 19 Personal Injury Claims


As we entered 2020, nobody could have expected what was about to happen. September arrived and it is evident that Covid 19 has brought a lot of changes to the way we lead or lives. We all had to adapt to the newly encountered situation and, as time went by, we became more and more at peace with all the new measures that have taken place with the aim of protecting our health. Here is an overview of those measures.

Yet, nobody can deny the fact that we often find ourselves unaware of what it is that we should do in particular situations. You go out and you’re wondering whether you are doing everything you can to stay safe. From wearing a mask and gloves to social distancing and not being able to greet the acquaintances you run into the way you would before – there really are a lot of things to think about.

Then, there is also the fact that a lot of institutions, as well as private businesses aren’t working in certain countries at the time being. What’s more, you might not even know whether certain things work or don’t work in your area. That means that you can easily go somewhere, say for legal help, only to find out that the doors are closed and locked and that they won’t be open for a while.

What can you do in situations like those? Let’s focus on one aspect of legal help that you might easily end up needing in the time of Covid 19 and let’s see how the virus and the whole situation has affected your ability to get that help. The aspect we are focusing on is related to personal injury claims. Surely, you cannot just let it be and not go through with the claim just because the conditions have changed.

Lawyers in Dublin have also thought about the whole situation extensively and they seem to have found a way to turn the conditions to your advantage. For starters, while their physical offices might be closed as you can see at JM Solicitors Dublin or another firm, their phone lines are definitely open and they are ready to work despite Covid 19. Let us see, however, what these experts think regarding the effects of the virus on your personal injury claims.

It’s Not All As Negative As You Might Think

It’s completely natural for you to feel that the whole personal injury claim process will be much more difficult to go through now that we have a pandemic on our hands to deal with. Sure, you might believe that the pandemic has given insurance companies a lot of new excuses to delay your claims and I’m not saying that I won’t agree with you. Still, if you have the right Dublin solicitors on your side, the truth is that not everything will be as negative as you might think.

Looking at it from a different angle means that you will be able to see that there are some advantages to all of this. For starters, since you are injured, it’s fairly easier for you to do much more things over the phone than having to march from one building to another when marching is probably impossible due to your injury. The measures that we all have to follow have made a lot of people become much more accessible online or over the phone and the same goes for your solicitors and insurance companies.

There’s Video Conferencing

You might be wondering how it can be possible for you to give any proofs regarding your claim, since you cannot meet the people in person. There’s video conferencing, you know? It allows you to go through the examination process from your own home. For most cases, this is a pretty convenient way of dealing with things.

Read how your claims can be protected during the pandemic: https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/uk/news/breaking-news/how-personal-injury-claims-will-be-protected-during-covid19-crisis-220776.aspx

Lawyers Still Fight Hard

The one thing that hasn’t changed or, better yet, the one thing that might have changed but for the better, is the fact that your personal injury lawyers will fight hard to get you what you need. Regardless of the whole situation, these experts are committed to helping you. This means that you will still have a great legal team on your side.


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