6 Reasons Cancer Insurance is Critical for Women of Any Age


Females have to go to different phases in life. Whether it’s home or work, they have so much to do. But, while juggling between career and family, they neglect their health. They often overlook the warning signs of gynecologic problems that turn severe illnesses like cancer later in life.  Experiencing minor symptoms doesn’t mean its cancer. But, if they last two weeks or longer, consult with the doctor.  Some of the cancers that often affect women irrespective of their age are ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer.

Moreover, due to increasing medical inflation, treatment costs for cancer have become an out of pocket expense for many women. Let’s take a look at how the cancer insurance plan is a big help for females:

1Cancer Coverage

One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India-as per the research conducted by the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research. It shows the need fora health plan that covers the treatment costs and help you to stay healthy. Big players like HDFC Ergo, Star Health, and Care Health Insurance(formerly Religare Health Insurance) are working really well in this aspect. Their cancer insurance plans provide extensive coverage to females for cancer treatment, including hospitalization and medication, to improve healthcare and mortality rates.

2Coverage for Pre and Post Hospitalization

Women’s healthcare needs and problems are different; that is why they need to take more preventive measures. Health insurance covers pre and posts hospitalization expenses such as doctor’s fees, diagnosis, medicines, therapies, room rent, daily allowance, ambulance charges, etc. It reduces your financial burden. Also, the cancer policy premium is affordable and helps you save money and get the best possible treatment.

3Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Cover

Cancer is curable if diagnosed timely with the right treatment. Chemotherapy is an effective way to treat cancer without surgery. However, it depends on the patient’s conditions; doctors can further go for radiotherapy as well. The treatment is the combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. The seamless benefit of a cancer insurance plan is that it covers both. Here are some comprehensive cancer mediclaim plans from top health insurance companies:

Company Sum Insured Network Hospitals
Aditya Birla Mediclaim Policy 10-30 lakhs 5850+
Bharti AXA Mediclaim 3-5 Lakhs 4300+
Care Health Insurance 3-60 Lakhs 7900+
HDFC Ergo Mediclaim Policy 3-10 Lakhs 10000+
Star Health Mediclaim Policy 1-25 Lakhs 8341+

4Cashless Hospitalization

For women living independently or have several financial responsibilities, a cancer insurance plan is a must.  It offers a cashless hospitalization facility, where you do not need to get into the arrangement of cash. You can immediately admit to the network hospital without spending money from your pocket for the treatment.

5Preventive Health Check-Ups

Many health insurance companies offer preventive health check-ups once in a policy year. It helps you to keep track of your health and gives you a chance to detect the illness at the initial stage before it turns a life-threatening situation.

6Tax Benefit

You will be glad to know that other than healthcare, the health insurance policy also helps you save tax. Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, a cancer policy premium gets tax exemption. However, the taxable amount is subject to income and age. Working women can easily avail of tax benefits.

Bottom Line

So, whether you are a working woman, mom, or single parent, do not take a chance when it comes to your health. Choose the best cancer insurance plan that provides you safeguard against life-threatening diseases like cancer and help you to live a healthy life.


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