Cloom Published a “Display Cable Assembly – What You Need to Know”


Cloom, a reliable wire harness, and cable assemblies manufacturer, today published a “Display Cable Assembly – What You Need to Know.” It has five chapters that cover some useful terms about Display Cable Assembly knowledge.

The publication is available here for free. This guide sheds insightful light on these display cable assembly properties.

“The Cloom R&D team adapts quickly to the changing market needs. The R&D team helps customers in developing the design, advising on the material, developing new products, and ensuring that the essential requirements for ROHS, REACH and halogen-free for wiring harnesses are met,” said Mr. Hommer, General manager of Cloom.

Among the key subjects on this Display Cable Assembly include:

LVDS Cable

This section briefly introduces the definition and functions of LVDS Cables. The display cable brings what is happening inside the CPU to the display. Although you primarily use it for video display, you can use it for audio as well. LVDS cables are in use in a variety of different electronic appliances in the present world. The notebook computers use LVDS cables to transmit video data from the graphics processing units to the display with flat panels arranged side by side. These cables are also in use in flat panel displays for television sets and in HDMI cables to transfer files.

EDP Cable

This section briefly introduces the definition and functions of EDP Cable. EDP cables are the Embedded DisplayPort cables that are now in the market and are fast becoming very popular as a choice for connecting driver boards to TFT displays. EDP cables from micro-coax cable and the assembly are simple that has fewer connections. EDP cables generally use only five signal wires as compared to the 18 signal wires that LVDS cables use. Connecting a video source to a display device like a computer monitor, and it is also in use all over the world to carry audio, USB, and other forms of information.

Capacitive Touch Cable

This section briefly introduces the definition and functions of Capacitive Touch Cable. TFT displays are becoming common in all households, and thus, everyone now has the desire to interact with appliances through the mode of touch. If a display requires a touchscreen functionality, then these cables can be in use to connect the display to the PCB. These cables are usually small in size, and they make use of very fine pitch connectors to make the space used less and retain their small form factor. The major function of the Capacitive Touch Cable is in the touchscreens of televisions, mobile phones, notebooks and so on. There are two types of Capacitive Touchscreens, namely surface and projective.

Backlight Cable

This section briefly introduces the definition and functions of Backlight Cable. These are the display cables that are important because they increase sunlight readability. The Backlight Cables are in use all over because they give power to the LED arrays that in turn reduce glare and let us see the screen even with the most amount of sunlight falling on it.


This section briefly introduces the definition and functions of FFC. A flexible flat cable or FFC is thin, flat, and most importantly, flexible. Makers love their simple, efficient structure and low cost, and if you are looking to replace a digital cable assembly, it makes things easier for you as well.

Also, This guide will provide you with the ultimate knowledge to display cables that will help you take the right decisions when you are looking to purchase display cables. Easy to install, easy to assemble, low cost, you don’t have to worry. You can compare the cables at your discretion by reading through the guide. We are ready to help you choose at the drop of a hat, and we also provide custom service, if needed. If you need more information about display cables and would like to talk to an expert, feel free to contact us. We can help you find the right display cable for your needs, and even offer customizations that will blend in with your project requirements easily. We are here to help you get the best at the lowest price that adds to your convenience and is efficient and satisfies your needs.

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