Discovering BA-IVT Invisa Hatch™: What Makes It Special?


Architects frequently find themselves at a crossroads, torn between the functional demands of access solutions and the need for aesthetic perfection. Imagine a space where traditional access hatches become conspicuous interruptions, undermining the architectural vision. 

 Let’s explore what makes the BA-IVT Invisa Hatch™ so special. 

The BA-IVT Invisa Hatch™

If you’re particularly interested in a discreet and elegant door solution, the BA-IVT Invisa Hatch™ is worth considering. Its design allows it to blend into tiled surfaces, creating a virtually invisible finish. The door’s concealed hardware behind the drywall inlay ensures it integrates flawlessly with tiles. Here are some practical benefits it provides on top of aesthetics. 

Versatile Integration

Crafted for flush wall installation, Invisa Hatch™ for tile ensures a seamless and integrated appearance, blending with the surrounding environment effortlessly.

Invisible Elegance

The door can blend seamlessly with the tiles and create an elegant atmosphere through concealed hardware for a smooth finish.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Invisa Hatch™ goes beyond aesthetics, offering hassle-free access for maintenance while safeguarding building components. This feature ensures practicality without compromising on the discreet appeal.

Durable Excellence

The door is made of high-grade aluminum with a meticulously welded bonding process, ensuring durability and longevitymaking it a worthwhile investment for concealed access solutions.

Convenient Operation

You can easily install the BA-IVT flush on any non-rated surfaces. It is accurately measured, making it convenient to use. The detachable hatch effortlessly pops off when pressure is applied to the touch latches, facilitating easy operation.

Accessible Concealment

 The BA-IVT system provides easy access behind wall tiles for maintenance purposes while effectively concealing building components from view. This dual functionality ensures both convenience and aesthetics.

Innovative Recessed Design

Invisa Hatch™ stands out with its innovative recessed design, seamlessly receiving tiles to match the surface that complements any upscale setting.

Imperceptible Concealment

Once installed and finished, Invisa Hatch™ achieves practical invisibility. The concealed frame, latch, and hinges reveal only a subtle 1/16″ (1.59mm) gap between the frame and the access door, contributing to an understated and refined ambiance. 

Seamless Integration for Practical Applications

The BA-IVT Invisa Hatch™ drywall inlay with fully detachable hatch is an innovative access solution that effortlessly integrates into interior spaces, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. This versatile hatch can be incorporated into walls or ceilings, harmonizing with the overall design without disrupting its visual flow. 

Advantages Across Industries

Residential Homes

The BA-IVT is a great option for residential spaces as it can hide access points to plumbing or electrical systems while maintaining an attractive design. Additionally, it can function as a clever storage solution for infrequently used items or valuable possessions. 

Commercial Offices

Office spaces can easily access utility points with the BA-IVT, which maintains a professional and refined appearance. Additionally, the BA-IVT includes storage choices hidden from view for confidential documents, improving the overall security and usefulness of the setup. 

Retail Spaces

Utility rooms and storage spaces in retail environments are kept out of sight to maintain a clean and organized shopping experience. The hatch provides easy access to display areas during special events or maintenance, adding flexibility and convenience. 

Successful Implementations

Luxury Hotels

The BA-IVT Invisa Hatch™ finds innovative applications in luxury hotels, allowing staff to perform maintenance tasks or access utility points seamlessly without disturbing guests. This discreet solution enhances the guest experience while meeting operational needs. 

Modern Residences

In modern home designs, the hatch incorporates hidden storage spaces or provides access to essential systems. Its seamless integration into the overall design creates a sleek, unobtrusive look while offering practical functionality. 

Tech Companies

Implementing the BA-IVT Invisa Hatch™ in office spaces is ideal for tech companies, maintaining a sleek and modern appearance that aligns with the industry’s aesthetic preferences. 

Art Galleries

Art galleries can use the hatch to create access points for lighting systems or security features without detracting from the art. The inconspicuous design ensures a focus on the artwork while providing the necessary functionality. 

To Summarize

The BA-IVT Invisa Hatch™ stands out as an innovative and practical solution for interior designers facing the challenge of integrating access solutions seamlessly into their designs. With its virtually invisible finish and concealed hardware, this hatch enhances the aesthetics of various spaces and ensures easy access for maintenance without compromising on convenience. 

Elevate your design projects with this innovative access solution that seamlessly integrates into the modern construction landscape. 


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