Decorative Doors – A Great Way to Improve The Look of Any Door


You might be itching to make some improvements on your home. Sometimes, we do not need to do anything major to transform the look of our house. A simple change like replacing your main entry door with a decorative door can make a huge difference. Take a look at our tips and discover how decorative doors can make your home a head turner.

Why Opt for Decorative Doors

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “kerb appeal” before and wonder why there’s so much fuss about it. Well, it’s not simply a topic that real estate people throw around carelessly. If you have plans of putting your house on the market in the future, then you should regard your property’s kerb appeal with high importance. The better your home’s kerb appeal is, the higher its selling value would be.

Your main entry door is one can significantly contribute to your home’s kerb appeal. It is one of the first things that passersby and visitors will see and opting for a decorative door is a great way to improve its aesthetic appeal. So when you go looking for a supplier of entry doors, make sure you choose one that will not only enhance your home’s exteriors, but also increase your home’s overall value.

Here are some of the benefits of opting for a decorative door

Security for your Home

Your front door is your first line of defense in the event of a break-in. There are decorative security doors with tempered glass. On the other hand, there are also security grille doors that offer elegant yet creative designs. Moreover, you will find companies that build decorative security doors according to Australian Standards. These doors have passed anti-jemmy, knife shear and impact tests. It goes without saying that when you choose the right door for your home, you can also have protection against burglars.

Customized Design

Want a door with a minimalist design or do you want something that reflects your creative personality? Whatever your preference and taste may be, you can find companies that can customize your decorative door. This means that you do not have to settle for existing designs. You can start from scratch and make your front door truly unique.

If you’re not yet sure what type of decorative door you’ll get, then take a look at our suggestions below. These door designs are among the most popular as they offer various benefits to the homeowner.

  • Decorative French Doors
    One of the ways you can increase your home’s curb appeal and add to its value is by opting for French doors as your main entry. These also offer practicality since you can find some in the market that functions as decorative security doors. While they add a beautiful and unique charm to your home, they also provide a protective layer against forced entries. This is also ideal for people who want to make a bold statement. It is worth noting that French doors can be quite big since there are doors in the frame. This is a great opportunity to explore your creative side. You will also find talented artisans who can custom build your French door according to your lifestyle and taste. There are various contemporary, traditional and even Victorian designs to choose from.
  • Decorative Glass Doors
    If you want a door that combines elegance and creativity, then decorative glass doors would be ideal for you. Here are some ideas for your decorative glass door:
  • Stained Glass Door
    If you have been to an old church, then chances are you’ve seen stained glass. They are also known as art glass which can also be used for doors and windows. When you install a stained glass, you are increasing your home’s aesthetic appeal. One of the great things about this type of door is the fact that whatever design you choose, it will still look stunning. The other fantastic quality of stained glass doors is their versatility. When you search for them in the market, you will find various design options. This means that you will find something that will perfectly suit your taste and personality. When you want a door that brings together art, color and elegance, then stained glass doors are the best way to go.
  • Etched Glass Door
    Etched glass doors have become more and more popular these days. There are endless design options, inspiring consumers to express their creativity and imagination. They are also known as carved glass and customers can ask for a customized design. However, it is important to note that since the design is carved onto the glass, the surface can feel rough. When you run your fingers over the glass, you will feel the carvings. So, if this is not something that you’d like, better opt for other decorative glass door options.
  • Frosted Glass Door
    One of the most popular main entry designs is security doors with clear glass. However, this could not be a good option for those who want more privacy in their home. Choose a frosted glass door when you want to have some level of security and at the same time, privacy to your home. People won’t be able to look through your frosted glass door because the surface would be blurred. On the other hand, since the glass is semi-transparent, the sun can still shine through it.

Decorative Security Grille Door

You can also express your sense of elegance and style while securing your home by opting for a decorative grille door. There are various motifs and designs to choose from. You can find art deco, colonial, federation and contemporary grille security doors. There are also companies who can custom design and build your door.

When it comes to choosing your main entry door, it is essential to find the perfect balance between performance and appearance. With decorative security grille doors, you can get that and more. There are various designs to choose from and they meet standards for quality and security. Make sure you select a security door company that complies with Australian Standards for security doors.

Decorative doors definitely offer several benefits. The key is to find the one that is suitable to your taste while offering ample security and protection for your home.


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