Digital Ration Card: Important Facts


Digital evolution is finally taking its pace in India. In a country like India where population is becoming a major concern, e services are becoming the need of the hour. Few years back people used to waste huge portion of their time in paying offline bills to essential services. Finally India is changing now and today we can see e-payment version of most of such essential services.

Today we will be talking about digital ration card process which is going to be used very frequently in coming years. Digital ration card process has enabled Indians to find and resolve most of the ration card related issues online itself. Ration Card is a state entity and state governments are responsible in driving the whole process. Till now state governments have done a commendable job and have contributed well in the entire Digital India framework.

Benefits of Digital Ration Card Services and how to use it efficiently

As we mentioned earlier, ration card becomes the sole entity of state government so it can’t be in synch throughout the entire nation (at least in initial phase). Few states like Delhi, West Bengal etc have setup the entire digital framework for automated ration card process where in user can access all required features starting from simple registration towards printing final hard copy of issued ration card. However few states are there which are yet to automate the process (luckily they have started integration so very soon we will be able to automate the entire ration card thing throughout the country).

You can access all e-ration card features through official Food and Supply department of respective state. You will find all details there. Talking about synch in process then you can find basic per-requisites at all the respective websites which are enough to give you clear hints on what all documents, processes you will have to cover in order to apply for a new ration card or getting modifications done in the existing one.

E Ration card even allows the user to search his/her ration card on basis of village or ration card number. You can fetch in all the details and can utilize them anywhere (in case you don’t have hard printed copy of card besides you and you immediately need to fill some details about it).

All in all this online ration card process will make the entire hectic thing a lot easier and comfortable. Do let us know if you have doubts in any section.


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