How to Decorate Your Kitchen Perfectly?


Staying alone at PG in Bangalore has taught me how to be self-dependent. It feels awful to cook something after a tiring day and that reminded me of my mom. Suddenly I understood one day that cooking doesn’t only depend on the ingredients; it depends also on your mood. And it is also true that the ambiance of your kitchen lift up your mood to cook something delicious. A messed up kitchen is so irritating. So, whether you live in flat on rent in Pune or elsewhere or it is your own home, you should know simple yet effective tips to decorate your kitchen.

Shelves are the Best

Do you have a small kitchen? Keeping everything around, scattered will make it look smaller. If you consult any interior decorator, they will suggest you to have shelves in your kitchen. If you have smaller space, hanging floating shelves look good. Those can hold things and display as well to add style to your kitchen.

Neutral Kitchen

Using neutral colors like, ivory, grey or cream can give your kitchen an elegant look. You can also add value to your kitchen by accessorizing it with some pictures. Maximize your storage devices on wall.

Open Kitchen

This is not possible in rental house (if it doesn’t exist already). But, while building your own house you can go for open kitchen with sitting arrangements. Thus, you get extra space to decorate. Buy a moderate size table with chairs. You can add stylish touch by layering a striped black & white rug. Hang an oversize light shade can complete the look.

Blue for Your Kitchen

We often get so confused about the color of our kitchen, no? My interior decorator suggested me to use the combination of white and turquoise blue. Do you know what I did? Just painted the cabinets in turquoise blue and kept the walls and ceiling white. You can also buy a white refrigerator with blue motifs on it.

Add Color to Your Kitchen

There are many people who want vibrancy in their kitchen. You can try the combination of red cabinets and white walls and ceiling. But, you should be careful enough so that these combinations won’t seem overdoing. Try to keep your ceramic utensils white. This will keep the balance.

Lighting Arrangement

It is the most important tip to decorate your kitchen is to fix appropriate light. If you have an open kitchen, you can use lanterns around the dining space and a designer shade for cooking area. For small kitchens, go for designer ceiling lights.

Think about the Floor

Wooden floor will never be outdated. But today people also prefer marble flooring and ceramic tile flooring as those are modern, chic and cool and gives your kitchen a luxurious look. Think about black and white tile or marble setting in diagonal formation!

Best Sink

To finish the decoration to properties in gurgaon for your kitchen, this is one of the most important accessories you need. Don’t go for cheap quality as that won’t sustain long and damage the exclusive look of your kitchen.


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