How COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions can be a Blessing in Disguise


The virus is the single biggest threat to the continued superiority of human beings. There are very few who are inclined to go beyond fear and reactionary responses in order to study the meaning of pandemic. For example, it gives an invitation to humankind to pause, think, and reflect. That is why we should take a different perspective and view it as a “comma”, rather than a “full stop” to life. Furthermore, the social reality of a pandemic is that “we all are together in these unfortunate circumstances”.

Public Perception

People refer to the coronavirus pandemic as divine punishment on humankind. In addition to this, the uncontrolled spread of these views has become the cause of despair, negativity, and distress in the mind of the people around the world. Worse than that, because of the manipulation of this public fear by political leaders, fear becomes the bigger threat.

The spread of infection and death is indeed exponential. As of writing this article, there are 33,059,718 reported cases of coronavirus currently around the globe. In addition to this, 998,747 people have unfortunately died.

Effects on Environment

To take a look at things from an objective point of view, the pandemic has changed a lot of things: our lives, our mentalities and activities, our perceptions, and paradigms, and even our environment as well. It won’t be wrong to say that it has had some positive effects on the natural environment. Recent data reveals that pollution in some of the epicenters of COVID-19 has reduced by up to 30%.

Stuff to do While Staying Home during COVID-19 Restrictions

Nobody denies that these are strange times. And since for some time coronavirus is still among us, it’s becoming new normal for us. Moreover, the way we live our everyday life requires each of us to make pretty substantial changes. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the calling off of festivals, concerts, physical classes, and other big events. Similarly, a lot of people have had to put a hold on many vacations and large celebrations.

Schools and workplaces are closed due to the restriction of COVID-19. Consequently, people are working remotely, and students are taking online classes while staying at home. However, it’s an undeniable privilege to stay at home due to coronavirus. Wondering about things to do during this strange time.

Staying indoors and keeping yourself busy is a job in itself. This process leads you to boredom and stir-craziness. Although, it is the best way to keep yourself and the others around you safe from coronavirus.

The way we live our lives is changing due to the restrictions caused by coronavirus. However, most of us are wondering about what to do during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s a list of some fun things you can do while playing your part to control community health through social distancing:

Low-risk Indoor Activities to Engage in While Staying Home

1Phone or Video Call your Friends or Family

If you are feeling disconnected, video chat with your long-distance friend using skype, WhatsApp, facetime, google hangouts, etc. You can use this time to talk about yourself and listen to the problems of your closed ones. Also, you can try using Netflix’s new party extension through which you can watch a movie or play a game together. You can also teach your grandparents how to video chat if they are not smartphone-adept.

2Do Workout without a Gym

The best thing you can do for your mental health is to stay physically active. With everything on lockdown, your gym might be closed too. However, don’t let that interrupt your workout routine. The home workout routine does not require any fancy types of equipment. You need to work on your stamina and muscle strength. If you have any difficulty because of habits like smoking, then quit smoking and try vape with delta 8. Similarly, look for substitutes for alcohol and other intoxicants.

3Play Multiplayer Video or Old Board Games

It is another excellent thing to do while stuck inside. It can keep your mind active and keep you close to your loved ones. You can pick a casual mobile game or an emulator game. You can also go for a board game if you live with your roommate or your family. However, if you live alone or you don’t like board games, then pass the time with a puzzle or a crossword. There are many games such as these available on phones too.

4Learn how to play a musical instrument

If you are a fan of music and want to compose music, now is the best time to learn an instrument. You can pick any musical instrument you want to play or learn. In addition to this, as schools are closed due to COVID-19, your kids are probably missing music classes. This is the best time to start learning an instrument and teach it to your kids.

5Read every book you have been putting off

You have all the time to get all those books you want to read. Reading is one of the top things to do in this time of lockdown. If you are not able to get a hard copy of the book, you can try the Kindle E-Reader.

6Watch Movies and TV shows

There are thousands of movies on loads of streaming services. Furthermore, watch out early releases or the best ones of all time. You can create an entire home theater by turning your phone or tablet into a movie projector.

7Research About Places You Want to Visit

You can start planning your next adventure. To keep yourself occupied, read some guide books, research about places to go, and start a travel journal.

8Sports in Your House

Without breaking your vases or anything of value, there are plenty of sports you can play inside your house. Find an open area where you can play some sports. Point out some end zones if you want to play football or street hockey. You can set up a mini-golf course around the landscape. Similarly, you can make a game out of Frisbee toss as well. It will help you consume your time in a better, efficient, and healthy way.

9Learn new skills

As you have plenty of time due to restrictions, you can learn something you always wanted to learn. Learn some foreign language, teach yourself to make crafts, decorate cakes, and much more. Speaking of learning something new, try to cook something new.

10Get enough sleep

Your mind and body rejuvenate with the help of a good night’s sleep. If you are working from home and don’t have to get up early in the morning, then sleep as much as you want. Protect your sleep by keeping your bed and bedroom off-limits to everyone.

The Bottom Line

By using these ideas while self-isolating, make your time productive instead of wasting it and doing nothing. There are many other things to do during this pandemic. Although some of us still have to work, whether it’s from home or on the front lines. Whatever you are busy with, take some time to relax and give your mind a well-deserved break too.


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