Top 10 Things to Checkout While Buying Classic Car Parts


If you’ve searched from pillar to post for that perfect classic car and are giddy of buying the parts to make it look shiny and new again, then brace yourself because it’s going to be like searching for a needle in a haystack! You must be sitting there, wondering, what you’ve gotten yourself into. But, if you use your resourcefulness, expertise (if any), and the good old Google, you might just be in for a treat and get all the right parts you want, maybe even at a cheaper price! But the devil is in the detail of buying classic car parts because choosing the wrong ones will probably make you spend more and choosing cheaper parts is, well, also difficult. But it doesn’t have to be like a trip to the sun and seem quite impossible, you can check these out while buying classic car parts.

1.  The first thing you’ll have access to is the internet. Like your classic cars, the internet is also the classic way of finding parts all across the globe. You can checkout online forums and ask from different classic car lovers around the world.

2. You can drive high and low to classic car stores. With the emergence of classic car restoration, I’m sure you can find your classic chevy parts from a classic car store lurking somewhere in your area.

3. Grabbing a classic car magazine like “Hot Rod” is always a viable option. If you choose the magazine specifically tailored to your car model, you might even learn a couple of things from the experts!

4. Try to join swap meets, it’s like a gathering for all classic car lovers. Learn a thing or two from other classic car enthusiasts.

5. Joining clubs and organizations is also one way to find that missing classic car part. Other classic car lovers are probably looking for your parts as well, you know what they say, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

6. Counterfeit, knockoff and replica shops and manufacturers. These are legal shops, by the way. And if you ask around as to where you can find these shops, you might get lucky and find a regular store where you can get all your classic car parts from.

7. If you’ve got the expertise (which some classic car lovers don’t have), then maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for in a junkyard. The best gems are tucked away in junkyards but you need to know what exactly you’re looking for.

8. Wrecking services and body shops can have some classic car parts from towed cars or from previous classic car customers.

9. There are trade shows occasionally held in some areas. Try to wait for any upcoming trade shows where they showcase different classic cars and you might get lucky and meet someone who’s also in the same boat or also has the same classic car model!

10. If you really can’t find the classic car parts in any brick and mortar shops, eBay or other online auctions might be able to help you. Buying these classic car parts needs patience, so try all possible ways of getting your hands on those classic car parts.


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