What’s in a Color? Why the Color of your Vehicle Influences Everything from Looks to Resale Values


Vehicle buyers care about the make, model, and condition of the automobile that interests them, but what almost always catches the eye first is the color. The value and popularity of a vehicle can vary based on the color of its exterior. Shoppers should have an awareness of the role the color of their vehicle will play when it is time to trade it in for another model.

Color for Resale

It is important to remember that the desirability of a vehicle color varies based on what the buyer prefers. Companies that buy and sell previously owned vehicles keep a variety of colors on hand to appeal to the largest number of people. Anyone that wants to sell their vehicle or wants to know how the color affects the value of their current automobile, can learn more at webuyexotics.com.

Silver, white, and black vehicles usually retain retail value better than other colors. Each of these shades continues to sell well on the resale market in all models. It pays to research because the color that sells best for each type of vehicle, whether a family car, work truck or a luxury sedan, can vary.

Less-common colors can sometimes sell for a higher price than the classic shades. The reason for the higher price point is the uniqueness of the vehicle. People often willingly pay more when they want a specific color or a rarely seen color. The concern for the owner is how long it may take them to find a buyer for an unusual color.

Color Reveals Personality

The personality of the owner usually controls what color they choose. Black, white, and silver may seem bland to some, but they have benefits. The most important fact is that basic colors look less trendy, so the vehicles remain modern-looking longer than other colors.

The popularity of basic colors shows that most vehicle buyers have a practical nature, at least with their larger purchases. Hardworking and reliable individuals tend to select white vehicles. Black is often the choice of people that prefer control and sophistication. Silver vehicle owners tend to have an upbeat and energetic personality. Other colors lure buyers with other personality types.

Color for Durability

The paint color will not make the finish more able to withstand damage, but certain shades camouflage small flaws more effectively. Scratches blend better on white and silver vehicles. White paint also hides dust and dirt better, as unusual as that may seem. The ability of white and silver to hide dirt and small scuffs could be why many businesses choose the colors for their fleets.

Colors for Safety

Vehicle color can also affect accident rates. Colors that blend into the background, like black, blue, and green, could reduce the safety of the occupants. White may become a problem during winter in snowy states.

Automobile theft is another safety concern that color can also affect. Surprisingly, it is not always the flashy red sports car that lures in auto thieves. The most stolen vehicles are those with black, gray, and white exteriors because thieves want what will sell the easiest.

Vehicle buyers need to keep resale in mind when they shop because the ability to sell an automobile for more will enable them to have more money for something new. Color plays a role in the value of a vehicle, so spend a little time on research before making a final decision.


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