Why Your Hair Needs This Advanced Supplement from Cel


For many years, I thought I had figured out my daily hair care routine. However, over time, I had realized that my old routine was not working for me anymore. As my hair began to thin out a bit, I knew I needed to try something new to support my hair health.

However, as I soon discovered, most of the options on the market were just fancy shampoos or conditioners without too many concrete benefits. Since they didn’t provide the results I was looking for, I was open to trying something entirely different. That’s when I discovered the Advanced Hair Supplement from Cel. Let’s take a look at whether or not it was a worthy purchase:

Cleanses and Hydrates

Usually, you turn to your shampoo and conditioner to do their respective jobs. However, as it turns out, you can enhance both products’ abilities to cleanse and hydrate by taking some type of supplement. Ingredients in hair supplements generally promote high cell turnover rates, which in turn cause dead cells to loosen quicker. As a result, using a supplement will leave your scalp much cleaner over time.

Importantly, the Advanced Hair Supplement contains a dose of vitamins B and C. Apart from their general immune system supporting benefits, these vitamins also promote collagen synthesis in the body. That means your hair will grow stronger and thicker over time.


I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure what to make of Cel’s Advanced Hair Supplements at first. However, after seeing their ingredient list, I was convinced that these supplements were healthy, as advertised. Since all of the supplement’s ingredients are natural, it is a great fit for my current habit of avoiding artificial food ingredients.

For example, the supplement contains super biotin in every capsule. If you’re unfamiliar, biotin is a special nutrient that promotes a variety of essential body functions. When it comes to your hair, biotin promotes new cell growth and existing cell repair. I could immediately see this nutrient in effect after my hair began to grow, with fewer breaks and cracks.

In addition, biotin is not the supplement’s only important ingredient. It also contains niacin, which increases blood circulation to the scalp. In practice, this meant that it helped other vital nutrients reach my hair roots more efficiently.

Simple to Use

Since I’m a creature of habit, I’m not one to break a routine once it’s in place. So, you can understand why I wasn’t as willing to try out some new shampoo and conditioner. However, when I found out about Advanced Hair Supplement from Cel, I was immediately interested. Simply put, I could take this supplement without having to change my routine. I could just simply add it to my existing collection of daily vitamins.

Moreover, I only needed to take two of these supplements daily. Compared to a complex daily hair treatment, two daily doses felt super easy (and it was). Better yet, you can choose when to take the supplement. So, if you have an unusual work schedule like me, you can take your two capsules when it’s convenient for you.

The Bottom Line

This supplement’s ingredient list is full of highly beneficial nutrients that go the extra mile to make your locks look renewed. Consider trying the Advanced Hair Supplement before taking any more drastic measures. Your hair will thank you for it.


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