A Quick Guide to Clean Window Blinds


If you haven’t cleaned your window blinds for a while, we have some cleaning tips for you.

Proper cleaning can last a while before the dust settles in and starts irritating you. So for your own sake and of those you about, clean window blinds regularly.

Wood and Faux Woof

Start by lowering the blinds and brush away the dust. Use a dry cloth or brush. Now open the blinds and let the light come inside. Slowly wipe away remaining dust with a dry cloth. Wipe every blind slowly in the same direction. Don’t forget to clean the cords. Turn the blinds away to face the side you cleaned and wipe it with a dry cloth for one last time.

Don’t use water to clean wooden blinds. If you are having troubles, use a vacuum to clean the blinds properly. Follow the same instructions to clean Faux Wood Blinds.


Start by lowering the blinds and brushing away dust. Now open the blinds and wipe them with a cloth to clean any dust you missed. Once again, wipe down the back of blinds. You can use a damp cloth to clean aluminum blinds.

If the blinds are not clean still, take them off and soak them in water. Add some warm water and some detergent. Soak the blinds for 15 minutes or longer if they have a lot of grime. Scrub them gently with a brush and rinse off carefully,so there is no soapy residue.

Now leave them outside to dry. Hang them back once they have dried off. Remember, you can’t wash all blinds. So, if needed, use dry cleaning. Make sure to check the cleaning instructions when you select your blinds online.

Fabric Shades

You can’t wash them in water.Wipe them with a dry cloth and clean excess dust. When it comes to fabric blinds,only soak them if you see any stain. Soak them in lukewarm water and add a stain remover.

Air dry the blinds once you cleaned them.

The Cords

Tangled Cords act as the bane of a blind. These don’t affect the functionality, but they can be annoying as it takes time to untangle them and hang when cleaning blinds. You need to fix the problem regularly to keep it from escalating.

Fabric Softener Sheets

As you clean the blinds, go over them with a dryer sheet. This static will work as a buffer which will prevent dust and grime buildup. You will still need to dust them regularly but using a soft brush after cleaning can speed up the tear and wear.

Most sheets are perfumed. Don’t worry; these won’t irritate your lungs. Just clean the blinds regularly, and you will be fine.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Many products claim they are safe to use with blinds. Don’t use spot removers or strong detergents because they can ruin your blind with warps and discoloration. These products have harsh chemicals which will ruin the protective layer of blinds. The protective layer keeps the blind from deterioration. Once they are gone, the blinds will ruin quickly.


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