5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Small Business Office Space


Are you ready to take your small business to the next level and find an office?

Or maybe you’re looking to move office spaces and need to find a better location. Finding the right small business office space might feel like a lot to look for, but if you have your priorities set, you’ll be narrowing down your search in no time.

Here’s a lowdown on how to find the right space for your office needs.


When determining how to choose an office space, location is certainly one of the first things to look at. How many people work in the space and will be commuting? Can you find a location convenient for your employees?

Additionally, it’s important to consider amenities such as restrooms and changing rooms, and how to maximize their space with features like bathroom partitions from onepointpartitions.com to ensure privacy and accessibility for all employees.

And next would be can you find a location convenient for clients? If you run a storefront, having the right location is crucial, but if you run a call center it’s not as important. Determine who you need to prioritize, and then determine what location works best for those people.


When determining the kind of office space you need, think about how big or small is needed to maximize office productivity. Do people need their own offices to take calls and run meetings? Or does a more open space that promotes more communication feel better?

Finding the right size that fits your business needs, and can accommodate possible growth in the future is important. However, more space and a fancier location can all impact another huge priority: the budget.


Are you looking to buy or lease? Do you need to be in a more expensive area to attract certain clientele? Be sure you have a budget before you start shopping around so you know how much can be spent on the space.

You might not want the hassle of arranging every aspect of an office, and something like this service, which creates an already serviced office for you and your business might be a good idea. Consider how much an office space costs, what a location might need, and if an already serviced office works better.


Are there certain things you would like or need to provide for employees? Does having an office kitchen make sense for your business? Do you need elevator access and high-speed internet immediately set up and running?

These needs can be determined by the kind of business you run. Make a list of all the office features you might use in a given week in your ideal office space and start building from there.


Depending on the location your choosing, this may feel like a more serious consideration. Serviced offices may provide security for where you work, but if you are the one running things, security should be included in what you look for. You want employees to feel safe coming into work and leaving.

What kind of hours do people hold and how is the neighborhood at that time? Is the parking lot well lit or is it far from your building? Think about these aspects when looking for an office space that best suits your business.

The Perfect Small Business Office Space

Finding the ideal small business office space is not one size fits all. Your business will have unique needs and specific office design requirements that others don’t. Make sure to think about how your business can thrive, and where it might best do that.

The most important thing for an office is that it is a place where people can do good work. Did you find this helpful in your office space search? Check us out for more good business tips.


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