Choosing The Right Service Provider for HVAC Repair and Installation


Choosing the right service provider for HVAC repair and installation can be sometimes difficult. You need to look for value, but also choose someone who has a reputation for doing a timely, efficient job that gives you value for your money.

Research HVAC Contractors

Hiring licensed HVAC contractors is important for good work in installing your HVAC system. States may differ in licensing requirements but many states require professional education and licensing for contractors. Research the record of HVAC contractors through the Better Business Bureau and your state attorney general’s office. The Better Business Bureau is likely to have a record of contractor performance and complaints. The state attorney general’s office will have records of complaints and lawsuits against contractors.

Model of HVAC Unit and Maintenance History

Before you call a contractor, know the HVAC model number as well as its maintenance history. It’s important that the contractor is able to service the HVAC model that you have. Knowing the HVAC model and condition of the unit can help the contractor understand what tools to bring and how to advise you about repairs.

Ask for References

A professional HVAC contractor with years of experience will have past customers. Ask if you can call past customers for information about how well the contractor worked when installing or repairing HVAC units. Knowing if the job was completed on time and within budget is also important.

Ask your friends, neighbors, and co-workers for referrals when you need HVAC contractor referrals. If you don’t have friends, neighbors, or co-workers to ask, you can contact local trade organizations for contractor referrals. Real estate professionals may also be a resource for finding a trustworthy contractor.

Don’t hire so-called contractors who go from house to house looking for work. A contractor should have an address for their business. Don’t hire people through flyers they leave on your door. Always check the references of any contractor you may hire.


When you hire a contractor, get written, itemized estimates. Get two or three estimates for the work from different contractors. Compare cost, energy efficiency, and warranties. While a lower price may be tempting, a cheap HVAC system is not always the best for saving energy costs. Look for Energy Star HVAC systems that will save you money.

Home Evaluation

A trustworthy contractor will inspect your current system and look at the size of your house to assess your needs. Contractors will often look at insulation levels in your house to gauge your HVAC needs and make recommendations about insulating your house. Good contractors will inspect duct systems for air leaks and HVAC insulation.

Written Proposal

Trustworthy contractors will sign a contract with you before starting HVAC work. The contract should specify all the project costs, including installation, labor, and cleanup. Model numbers of the HVAC units and warranty information should be in the contract. Contractors should tell you start and finish dates for the project.

Finding the right service provider for your HVAC needs takes a little homework, but you’ll thank yourself later. Avoid shoddy work and unexpected costs by making sure the job is done correctly the first time by a qualified HVAC technician.


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