Take Advantage of the Quebec Investor Program


The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, also known as QIIP, is an investment program for foreign investors who have net assets that are worth at least $2 million CAD. Any individual who wants to have permanent residence in Canada can sign up for the QIIP and become a Canadian citizen. Whether someone is ready for an adventure or simply wants Canadian residency, the program is a wonderful alternative to traditional immigration processes and provides international investors with a unique entry pathway to Canada. Families are inclusive in the process, and benefits are equal to any Canadian residency status.

Who Should Apply For the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program?

This program is ideal for entrepreneurs and investors interested in becoming Canadian citizens who have a substantial investment to put forward. The QIIP guarantees Canadian residence to any individual with a simple investment and application process, which a legal firm can assist with navigating. Any person or married couple who wants to apply must make a five-year term investment of $1.2 million CAD with the organization known as Investissement Quebec – Immigrants Investisseurs Inc. Families and individuals alike are all great candidates for this program — anyone who wants a faster way to become a permanent resident of Quebec.

What Are the Benefits of the Quebec Investor Program?

Accepted candidates have access to Canadian universal health care and public schools, and their children can enjoy entry into higher education and academic institutions. The program is secured by government bonds and doesn’t have any requirements of job creation or business activity such as managing or operating specific industries. The program is immediate upon acceptance without any interim status or delayed residency. The program is considered an investment without risk and requires no managerial or administrative roles. Many other investor immigration programs in other countries require a certain job creation minimum or delayed residency status, while this program provides immediate recognition by the government.

Eligibility Requirements for the QIIP

Applicants do not have to speak French; however, French proficiency is certainly an asset and consideration during the review process. The specific eligibility requirements include a personal net worth of $2 million and two years of management or business experience preceding the date of the application. An investment must be made of $1.2 million into an investment that is guaranteed by the government for five years with no interest. Applicants must intend to settle in Quebec and pass both a criminality and health exam given by the federal immigration authorities in Canada before receiving a selection certificate. This investment must be for at least five years and is led by the Quebec Province government.

For those who find the Quebec Immigration Investor Program to be a good path, an immigration law firm is the first step. The process can seem complicated and long, but an immigration law firm will make the Quebec investor program straightforward and possible for qualifying individuals. High-net-worth individuals and their families can reap great rewards from this program that are flexible and transparent.


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