The Best Guide to the Hottest Legal Practice Areas


If you are good at framing arguments and counter-arguments and have a real love for the law, you might be one of those individuals who dream of becoming a lawyer. But it is a hard-earned job, and many aspiring lawyers end up losing hope because they do not choose carefully.

Legal practice is a multifaceted discipline and has many areas of expertise. Hence, aspiring lawyers must choose carefully the areas they want to build their expertise in.

If you are looking for a first job in law or already are a veteran, we have compiled a list for you where you can find the best guidance for the most happening legal practice areas.

Environmental Law

Environmental issues have started to plague almost the whole world with an unprecedented intensity, which is why a new legal practice area is gaining pace called the Green Law. With the increasing requirement of managing carbon assets, clean technology, and renewable energy, the demand for green law experts has increased multifold.

With increasing environmental litigation around the world, people look for experts who can advise them on environmental issues, and this area is expanding at a rapid rate.

Civil Legislation

If you are afraid of getting caught in the cyclone of recession, then this might be the area of legal practice for you because civil legislation offers more legal work during the recession than in times of prosperity. This is because, during the recession, more companies look to resort to litigation to recover their money and generate cash flow by avoiding the owed debts.

Bankruptcy Law

We know that the economic growth of the United States has come to a halt, generating mass unemployment. Due to that, people do not have the purchasing power anymore, and a continuously large number of people are falling behind their mortgages and debt servicing.

The future does not look any brighter as well, therefore during these times of bankruptcy, this area of legal practice has a lot of scope of earning good moolah.

Employment and Labor Law

It is ironic how a reeling economy is creating jobs for lawyers in some particular areas of expertise, and while on the other, millions of people are getting jobless.

If an employee is laid off in a strong economy, there is every chance for him to get a new job and therefore are less prone to litigation. But when employees are laid off in a weak economy and are pushed to financial ruin, then they have every motivation to pursue litigation.

Therefore, with the economy not getting any better against a rapid rise in population, employment and labor law is predicted to require a lot of labor law experts.

Immigration Law

Immigration law deal with the national policies related to retention, detention, and deportation of immigrants. With the increase in global inequality, there has been a rapid rise of immigrants who migrate to developed countries like the United States to find work and earn a living.

Therefore, there is a lot of legal work generated by this area as well. Moreover, extremely high profile international cases lie within the gamut of immigration law. Therefore, you can end up with a highly successful practice like Los Angeles immigration lawyer Josh Goldstein has, if you pursue a career in immigration law.

We hope that this article will help you choose the best legal practice area for yourself while taking into consideration the market and economy dynamics.


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