How Can Abundance Prayer Help You Attract Success?


Who would say no to an abundance of riches? Most people turn to abundance prayers as a way to request God to give them prosperity. Several verses in the Bible ask for abundance.

What most people don’t realize is how these prayers work. When you recite abundance prayer every day, they change your attitude towards life and help you achieve positivity. Here’s what these prayers will change to attract success in life.

Makes You Grateful

When you are constantly in a state of reciting abundance prayers, it makes you grateful for what you have. You thank the almighty for what he has bestowed upon you as you strive to achieve more. This attitude helps you think not only about yourself but those around you as well. You will begin to thank God for blessing your loved ones.

Allows You to Dream Big

You cannot undermine the power of positivity. When you dream big, your actions automatically adjust themselves to that state of mind. The laws of attraction work here. Your thoughts act like magnets, whose energy manifests into reality. With the help of prayers, your dreams can help visualize what you can achieve.

Alters Your Thought Process

When you pray regularly, your thought process is altered accordingly. It allows you to think more creatively and open your mind to new possibilities. Rather than being a fear-based thinker, aspire to be a possibility theorist.

Empowers Reality

When your dreams and thoughts are both about abundance, you start to see the difference in real life. You can further enhance the process by listing the things that allow you to move forward and those that hold you back. You can then work on strengthening the traits that empower you and mute those that hinder your progress.

Helps You Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is probably the worst of all traits that hamper your success. When you put off doing what needs doing, you will not progress. Abundance prayer helps you become proactive. You do not delay tasks anymore. You will feel the need to complete all tasks at hand and take on more. This is a sure sign of abundance.

Lures Opportunity

The force of positive thoughts and a successful mindset are potent. They will help attract opportunities that would otherwise not knock on your door. When you think you can do it, you will upskill to achieve your goals. When you upskill, the opportunity will automatically come knocking.

Commits To Your Dreams

Another sign of abundance is that you stop limiting your thoughts. Nothing seems impossible anymore. A fundamental alteration occurs in your subconscious. You start to identify yourself as more successful. Your world-view is different, more optimistic, and full of possibilities.

Becomes Insatiable

An abundance mindset is about how you alter your thoughts. When you are satisfied, you become lazy. Complacency is your enemy. With prayer, you develop an attitude that makes your desire for success insatiable. While you continue to be grateful for everything you have, you don’t stop. The almighty will help you make your dreams come true with the help of prayer and an altered mindset.

Adds Value to the Universe

Abundance is not only about you. It is about creating abundance for those around you as well. You can do this by giving away knowledge, ideas, recognition, praise, and money. God graces you with plenty so that you can share it with others. He expects you to add value to their lives in whatever way you can, small or big.

Helps Know What You Are Capable Of

Prayers help you realize what you can achieve. With deep introspection comes the realization of the limitless potential you have. Your only limits are your thoughts. When you start exerting positive energy, it draws people closer to you.

Make the Most of Life

Life is full of possibilities. The almighty answers your prayers by allowing you to realize your full potential and tap the endless possibilities within. Abundance is not about money and riches alone. It is a state of mind that opens up many doors. With abundant thoughts, you can make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. Not only you, but society as a whole will reap the benefits of your actions.

Prayer has been a part of all cultures and religions since time began. Abundance prayer helps you modify how you think. When your thoughts include the possibility of abundance, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Turn to abundance thoughts and change your lifestyle to become successful in every way.


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