Growing Career Opportunities in Bookkeeping and Payroll Sector


Nowadays, job seekers are paying extra attention to the bookkeeping and payroll profession. Candidates who hone the ability to navigate the areas connecting ever-changing tax laws and esteemed reporting standards are in high demand among employers. This further implies that a career in payroll is about more than just remunerating employees. In this blog, you will learn about the benefits of studying bookkeeping courses and the opportunities that await you after graduation.

Payroll coordinator

The career path of a payroll coordinator is an administrative role within the payroll sector. This is a senior position that will require you to oversee the performance of clerks. Such payroll practitioners are expected to possess extensive experience because the credential affirms their understanding of the main tasks within this field. A typical day for these professionals includes:

  • Executing payroll reports;
  • Preparing statements;
  • Reconciling ledgers;
  • Checking for compliance;
  • Making sure taxes are paid appropriately; and
  • Completing tasks related to on boarding and employee benefits.

Payroll data analyst

Being a data analyst in the payroll field does not necessarily require you to step away from the daily tasks of payroll processing. Professionals holding this position deploy strong math and problem-solving skills to model payroll related data using advanced software, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems (a cloud-based payroll technology). A major chunk of their daily activities comprise of:

  • Mining the company’s personnel data to identify trends; and
  • Suggesting improvements and flag issues before they become difficult to fix.

Full-charge bookkeeper

Full-charge bookkeepers handle a wide range of accounting needs in an organisation. This includes preparing financial statements (quarterly and annual). They report directly to the business owner and engage outside CPA firms to prepare financial statements, using accounting and bookkeeping software to stay updated. These professionals possess an aptitude for business and are detail-oriented and experienced in handling financial statements and tax returns.

Accounting analyst

 Accounting analysts help companies attain a stable financial position, by conducting a proper assessment of the financial state of the company to determine where it might be in the future. This is quite a sensitive job role as it plays a crucial role in giving confidence to the business organisation about their financial status.

Director of payroll

Payroll directors are hired by large business firms or multinational corporations, where they carry out a combined role of payroll and management. They are accountable for reporting to the organisations Chief Financial Officer (CFO), their duties varying depending on the payroll department’s position within the company. These professionals are primarily responsible for developing payroll strategies and overseeing teams situated in multiple states and countries.

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