Is Your Car Wash POS System Keeping Your Customers Happy?


Car wash businesses face plenty of competition, so it’s essential to keep your business operating efficiently and keeping your customers happy. Whether you’ve just opened a car wash or have been serving customers in your area for years, find out how a new POS system and other merchant solutions can improve your customer satisfaction and encourage stable business growth.

Fast-Paced Customer Service

With the fast-paced world of car washes, it’s tough to find a POS system that keeps up. Whether your customers prepay for a wash or pay after receiving your professional services, a slow processing time can dramatically increase the overall time of your service.

Upgrade to a Clover Station or Clover Mobile to enjoy access to innovative Clover POS software. This software allows prompt transactions through a number of benefits, including a stable connection, intuitive interface and variety of payment options available.

Generous Rewards and Loyalty Program

Give back to your customers with a rewards program linked with your car wash POS system. If you use Perka rewards, you’ll enjoy instant compatibility with your new Clover Station. Otherwise, it’s surprisingly easy to set up a comprehensive rewards and loyalty program.

Allow your customers to earn points towards discounts, specials and even free car washes to encourage them to come back for all their car washing needs. Signing up is as easy as writing down their email address and you can tailor the rewards to fit your business model.

Versatile Payment Availability

While many customers swipe a credit or debit card for their car wash services, a wide range of alternative payment options are available for use. Update your POS system to stay ahead of the curve and offer mobile payment app compatibility, EMV chip reading and contact less payment. Not only are these payment options growing in popularity, they offer even faster ways to pay for your services.

Thankfully, none of these options replace cash and swipe credit/debit sales. All of these standard payment options are also included, so you can accept the widest range of payment options to keep your customers satisfied.

Unbeatable Protection

The latest POS software adds additional layers of protection to prevent identity theft. Ensure your customers’ credit card information is safe in your system. Whether you handle a few or a few hundred transactions daily, it’s essential to keep your customers safe.

Inventory tracking and fingerprint scanning are other ways that a new Clover POS system improves the security of your car wash business. Protect your assets so you can continue to provide leading services at affordable rates.

Keep Your Customers Satisfied With Clover POS Systems

Compare all the diverse Clover options today to discover how you can enjoy cutting-edge software in a package that fits your business model. Keep your car wash mobile with a Clover Go or CloverFlex, or enjoy a stylish, stable counter top model by choosing the Clover Station.

Learn more about the new Clover system today and find out how you can get started with a free quote. Don’t settle for a lengthy contract, costly hardware and steep setup fees, but enjoy affordable payment processing designed with your business in mind.


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