5 Tips on Buying Medicine Safely Online for Beginners


There are many scam websites capitalizing on the opportunity to steal money and information from people seeking to buy. And though there are many reliable and trusted online pharmacies, many people aren’t willing to sacrifice data security in order to save money or increase their convenience.

But buying medicine safely online is possible. You just need to make sure the online pharmacy you use meets these strict guidelines.

1Is the Pharmacy Licensed to Provide Medications in the United States?

The FDA has a list of pharmacies that are licensed to distribute medication in the United States. By obtaining a license, these pharmacies have to abide by the law as they provide medications and collect personal information.

Licensed pharmacies are held to a higher standard of behavior and staff are required by law to regularly repeat training on ethical practices.

You can find a list of pharmacies that are licensed through the FDA here. If you’ve found an online pharmacy make sure they are on this list before providing any information or ordering any medications.

2Do They Require a Prescription?

If your doctor has written a prescription for a specific medication then the pharmacy must verify that prescription prior to distributing a medication. If the pharmacy doesn’t require a prescription it may mean that they aren’t licensed and aren’t providing the exact drug you need.

If a pharmacy doesn’t ask to verify your prescription or doesn’t require it from your doctor, you should not purchase your medication there.

The only situation in which you can legally purchase medicines without a prescription is when buying medicines that don’t normally require a prescription. Vitamin D Supplements, other vitamins, and other medicines can be safely purchased without a prescription from your doctor.

3Does the Pharmacy Employ a Licensed Pharmacist?

All legitimate pharmacies, online included, are required to have a licensed pharmacist employed. Before providing personal information or ordering a prescription you should verify that there is a licensed pharmacist working there.

They may have a webpage on their website that introduces the pharmacists, but if not, simply call their contact number and ask to speak with the pharmacist. If the online pharmacy can’t provide proof of a licensed pharmacist, get your medications elsewhere.

4Buying Medicine Safely Through a Secure Website

What about personal information? Before providing personal information to a website, you should always make sure that there is a closed lock icon next to the web address in the top bar of your internet browser.

This icon means that the website provides security software that protects the information that you put on their website from being accessed by unauthorized people.

If there is no closed lock icon, there may be an icon that says “not secure”. In these cases, you should purchase your prescriptions through a different pharmacy.

5Can They Provide a Physical Address in the United States?

Even though you’re purchasing from a website, the pharmacy should be able to provide a physical address that is within the United States. If they’re shipping from outside the US or their address is listed elsewhere, they are likely not licensed, and should not be used.

Remember This

Buying medicine safely doesn’t mean you have to buy it in person. You can use the internet and save yourself a lot of trouble by ordering from the convenience of your own home.

Just be sure to follow these guidelines to keep yourself and your personal information safe.

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