10 Rules You Need to Follow When Attending a Business Meeting


Attending a business meeting is a serious thing. Checking in in good meeting venues, preparing lots of things, and whatnot is not a piece of cake. There are some unspoken rules you should keep in mind:

Always start and end with a good, firm shake hands

You may think that it is okay not to greet people, especially in meetings, with shake hands especially if you already know each other. Well, in some cases it is okay, but if the session is not regular and you’ve just met the person, a shake of hands is a must. It is a short action that shows politeness. Two or three strokes will do.

Dress and present yourself well

Not really to dress to impress, but just dress to present yourself properly. You do not need fascinating things to accessorize yourself. Again, dress according to the event. Do not forget to iron your clothes and brush your hair. You can pair your outfit with a good watch and comfortable shoes.

Say goodbye to Filipino time

They say that Filipinos have a different timezone when it comes to the meeting. But please, stop being late! We all know how horrible the traffic is in our country. It will be kind and polite if you will come on time. It would be much better if you arrive a few minutes before (like 10 or 15 minutes) so you have some period to relax and prepare.

Make sure you have everything ready at hand

Basically, you go to a meeting to discuss important matters. Of course, you would want those essential matters ready. Check your stuff before you go out. If you need to have a list of things you must bring and do, go. It is much of a stress and hassle to go back to your house or office.

Put your phones in silent mode

Imagine you are in a serious discussion about business plans, finances, and whatnot. Then, a wild phone just started to ring with the tune of a Salbakuta song. We love them, yes but hearing it in a formal gathering – not appropriate. Put your phones in silent mode! Especially when you just opened your data and the Facebook and Messenger notification “ping!” starts to fill the room. Ugh!

Do not forget the one mouth rule

We would want to have our presence felt in meeting venues. That is noted, yes. But blabbering all the time is not a right way to do it. Be polite and professional even if discussions might get heated. Be the bigger person. You should also remember that you listen not just to reply, but to understand.

Moderate and modulate your voice

On that note, you should keep your voice moderated and modulated. You do not need to shout or talk too slow or fast. Project your voice. Along with that, use proper words during discussions. No matter how close you are with your colleagues, remember that you are still in a meeting.

Keep notes but not with your phones

You might argue with me on this point, but I’ll stand firm that you should keep notes but not with your phones.

In the first place, using of phones during meetings is highly discouraged. It is an excellent source of distraction and detachment from the event. Okay, you need to check things from time to time. But then, you should have settled those before you get into a meeting. Emergency matters excused.

It will be more professional if you keep notes by writing them down or typing on your laptop. Okay, another gadget but at least it is not as distracting and “amateur” looking like phones. Just do not visit websites not needed or relevant to your meeting.

Eat and drink with class and grace

Snacks and drinks are usually ordered for business meetings. I know you might be drained with all the happenings in a meeting but eat and drink with grace. Again, you are in a meeting and not in a boodle fight (unless your session is a boodle fight).

There might be more that you should follow. It depends on the nature of the business meeting and rules set by the meeting venue. Check them out and familiarize yourself with those things.


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