Tips For Funding Your Start-up Business


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Start-up businesses are the trend nowadays. Different people have different opinions on what a start-up business is, but Merriam-Webster defines it as “a fledgling business enterprise” while according to The American Heritage Dictionary it is “a business or undertaking that has recently begun operation”.

In other words, a start up business is a business that has just started which means that it is still in the process of finding its groove in the market or industry. Every business goes through the start up stage and during this stage, one of the biggest issues is funding.

One characteristic of start up businesses is that they are still struggling to become profitable; hence the need for funding in order to push the business forward. Below are some tips to help you ease your way through the initial stages of struggle when it comes to funding your start-up business.

Fund your own business

The easiest and fastest way to fund your start up business is to fund it yourself – if you have enough in your bank account for it. This speaks loudly about how confident and committed you are in your business plan which might even attract other investors to give you a better start. Whether you decide to use your own savings, take out a loan, borrow from your credit card or insurance policy, funding your own business is among the most common ways to fund a start-up.

Go to your target market

Any business idea or plan should appeal, most of all, to your target market. Someone who belongs to your target market should be among the first to see and recognize the need for such a business and its potential. Even if you do not go to your target market to look for investors, you should at least be able to find your first customer who will put in funds to your business.

Rally your personal network

It is not unheard of to appeal to family and friends for support in your start up business. Well meaning family and friends are the best partners you can have for any start up business. They will help you out because of their love and care for you and would cheer you on to business success.

Join competitions

With the increase in the number of start up businesses, there are also more competitions and contests that aim to sift through numerous startup business plans and to provide funding for the best one. Look for competitions specifically in your field or industry to increase your chances of winning.

Look for an angel investor

Every start up business owner dreams of having an angel investor – one whose desire is to help out budding entrepreneurs. These angel investors may be an individual or a group. Although some of them provide funding with no strings attached, there are some who want some stake in the company in exchange for the funding.


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