Book your Tickets to Brazil Now for New Year’s Eve!


Are you ready to experience a New Year’s Eve like never before? Then book your tickets to Brazil now for the best party of your life! If you love crowds and parties then you will love New Year’s Eve in Rio de Janeiro! Typically around two million people show up of this party to dance, watch the fireworks at the Copacabana beach and to just have a great time overall! This is a very busy event every year so don’t delay when it comes to planning. Be sure to get in a good long nap because you are going to be partying for many, many hours! Let help you plan every step of the way.

Buy Tickets for Brazil For One of the Greatest Parties Ever!

Second to Carnival, New Year’s Eve celebrations are the most popular in Rio de Janeiro. Many famous musicians will come to perform for one of many live concerts being held including live rock music, traditional Brazilian songs, and electronic music and of course Samba.Along with the festivities and fireworks; you are guaranteed to have a great time. If you want to dress in the traditional colors of the celebration, all Brazilians wear white to bring good luck in the upcoming year. If you want to add some good luck color, people will wear a hint of red for romance, yellow for success, or green for health. It is traditionally said that you should not wear black, because that will bring on bad luck for the upcoming year. Other traditions include throwing flowers into the sea as a tribute to Yemanja, the goddess of the seas, and shaking champagne bottles then opening them at midnight showering anyone close by as another token of good luck. Everyone in Brazil comes out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, so buy your airline tickets to Brazil now to celebrate with them.

Don’t Delay When Booking Airlines Tickets to Brazil.

What happens at the stroke of midnight? Well not only will everyone be popping open the champagne bottles, but also this is when the fireworks start. From barges offshore of the Copacabana beach, you will experience a phenomenal fireworks display like you have never seen before! The Rio Times writes that the fireworks will be synchronized with music soundtracks and special effects with eleven barges lighting 24 tons of fireworks. What to do after the fireworks? You and your friends can make your way to some of the many nightclubs or bars which will keep the celebration going until dawn! There are also many exclusive parties to attend, however if that is something you want to do, be sure to buy your tickets well in advance.Keep in mind when buying your flight tickets to Brazil that many hotels will have a minimum night stay.

Order Your Visa before Buying your Airline Tickets to Brazil.

If this type of crowd is not your style, ask BR online about hotels that are on Copacabana beach. Many hotels offer event packages which typically include an area for fireworks viewing and tickets to a party. Depending on your budget BR online can help you plan for a hotel stay as well as Brazil airline tickets. With the U.S. dollar being more than the Brazilian Real right now, your money can go farther than it has in the past. Keep this in mind when planning and booking because you may be able to splurge a bit! Also don’t delay when getting your Visa for Brazil, you don’t want to plan your vacation and have your Visa come late. BR online can guide you in the right direction of how and where to obtain the Visa. If you visit our website, you will see recommended Visa service companies in the United States. Brol wants to make your trip as enjoyable as possible so that you visit again and again.


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