How To Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket? Tips and Tricks


If you’ve ever booked a tatkal ticket, you would know how hard it is. It seems like a fight against time. Every second counts. The difficulty of last minute travel plan is on one side and losing your tatkal ticket to someone who’s been faster than you by a fraction of second is another. Majority of the time is lost during filling in the details of the travel. If you don’t have a fast internet connection and your typing speed is not up to the mark, you will lose it. But then again, you are trying to book along with more than 2 lakh people.

How to book a tatkal ticket successfully

IRCTC tatkal tickets are meant for last minute or immediate plans. Tatkal ticket booking opens at 10 a.m. for AC class and at 11 a.m. for non-AC class one day in advance from the actual date of starting point of the train. For example, for a train leaving on 7th from Bangalore Railway Station, tatkal booking will start at 10 a.m. for AC class and 11 a.m. for non-AC class on 6th.

Follow the steps to book a tatkal ticket more efficiently:

  • Keep all your IDs such as PAN card or driving license and credit card/debit card details of one of the travellers ready. This saves you a lot of time at the time of booking.
  • Login to IRCTC website 5-10 minutes before the booking starts.
  • Choose the origin and destination, choose the date enter the ticket type and then click on ‘Find Trains’. Or better still, you can have all these details written down on a notepad and then copy-paste to save time.
  • Select quota as Tatkal and click on Book Now.
  • Enter passenger details and click ‘Next’. This takes you to payment.
  • Use the relevant payment option (Netbanking or credit/debit card). Make sure you have your phone with you to receive OTP and enter it. This completes the process to book a tatkal ticket.

Please note: A maximum of 1 ticket (maximum of 4 passengers per ticket) from one user account can be booked in tatkal. And you are allowed to book a maximum of six tickets (a maximum of 4 passengers per ticket) per month.

The easiest way to book a tatkal ticket now, however, is through apps and extensions. One of the platforms that’s making waves these days is tatkalforsure. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s straightforward. Here’s how it works:

Tatkalforsure is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which helps ease the process of tatkal ticket booking by auto-filling the details and booking the tatkal ticket on the IRCTC website for you. This is a fast tatkal ticket booking software that will take input details from you like IRCTC username, password, journey details, passenger details, and payment mechanism. It will then auto-fill these details during the tatkal booking timings on IRCTC website, which are 10:00 a.m for AC class and 11:00 am for non-AC. Even the captcha is automatically capitalized, thereby saving you those precious moments. It also supports all the major payment options. Soon IRCTC’s ‘buy now – pay later’ option will be included.

Please note: The app will only books confirmed tickets for you as it first checks for seat availability and it books accordingly.

Tatkalforsure is also available for Android phones and iOS phones.

Book tatkal now using the extension/app:

Use the IRCTC autofill option on the app/extension and enter your details (journey details, bank details, etc.)
– The Captcha is automatically capitalized
– OTP is automatically submitted while going through payment (Coming)

The best thing about tatkal for sure is its simplicity. We all know what tatkal ticket booking is and Tatkal for sure creates a simple flow: The tabs on tatkalforsure are self-explanatory: Generate Ticket, Enter New Trip Details, Create a New Trip, and the like.


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