Get to Know About the Best Luxury Resorts Darjeeling


Darjeeling is a beautiful hill station present in the lesser Himalayan lap it is a town filled with tea gardens, resorts, tea estates, and tourist spots. It is a living paradise that people like to visit during the summer season to get relief from head burning heat in their cities and some visit Darjeeling during the winter season to enjoy the view of snow-clad mountain peaks of the Kanchenjunga. Darjeeling is a small town present in the North Bengal side with an elevation of 6,700 ft. which is nearly around 2,042 meters above sea level. It is deemed to be the best UNESCO World Heritage site in India.

Darjeeling became famous as the best during the British reign, there are many British styled schools which attract different students from all over India to come here and study. Not only this during the year of 1828 the British East India Company planned their stay in Darjeeling for a few days after that they decided this region will be best suited for opening a site for a sanatorium for British soldiers. After India was freed from the clutches of the British reign by our freedom fighters in 1947 after that Darjeeling became a popular place for visits for the people of India and other neighboring countries.

Searching for the right resort becomes hard for every one of us at times when we make plans for visiting a new place or an old one. But there are many travel aggressors and blogs present in online which will help you to give an idea what resort will suit you and what will be the costs if you go solo or with your family members and friends. In this blog you will be able to learn plus understand that if you travel solo then which resort will be better for you and if you are on the move with your family and friends then which will be the best luxury resorts Darjeeling.

There are many resorts in Darjeeling but I will present you 6 best luxury resorts in Darjeeling which will make you book your rooms as soon as possible.

Central Heritage Resort & Spa

This is a 4-star resort located on Robertson Road which takes hardly 6 to 10 minutes of walking distance from Darjeeling Mall. This resort was established in the year of 1905 since then it continues to offer the touch and feel of living luxuriously and comfortably in a British resort. There are around 46 rooms including suites which are quite spacious luxurious too. Apart from these 46 rooms some of the rooms have been given the wooden furnishes which will make people cozy for staying here.

Central Nirvana:

Central Nirvana is a 3-star rated luxury resort in Darjeeling, it is located on the CR Das road a few minutes of a walk which is nearly 250 meters will land you here. If you are planning your stay in Darjeeling is solo then this would be a cheaper resort for you to stay. Though this resort does offers the luxurious treat to their guests so that they can enjoy their stay in Darjeeling quite properly.

Mayfair Resort :

Now, this is a 5-star rated resort cum hotel which will be good for you if you are coming to Darjeeling to spend some days with your family or friends. The property is located along the Mall road which is just opposite the Governor house. There is a saying that the property used to be the summerhouse of Maharaja of Nazarganj, it is indeed a beautiful place to stay a couple of days in Darjeeling with your friends.

Elgin Resort & Hotel :

Elgin is a 4-star resort which offers their guest to stay in a luxury resort of Darjeeling and enjoy their vacation with fun and frolic days. It is being said that the property used to belong to the Maharaja of Cooch Behar in the 1950s since then it is serving people the touch of Maharaja like service and hospitality. There are several rooms in this resort where guest can get awesome views of Darjeeling vividly.

Chamong Chiabari

Now let me tell you about a 5-star rated resort which is said to be the best luxury resorts in Darjeeling if you are planning to stay a couple of days with your family then staying here in this resort will be a great choice. The reason of being a great choice is that Chamong arranges different adventurous activities for their guests like paragliding, cycling and other activities which makes guests stick this place. The rooms of Chamong offer their guests with the ecstasy of the natural picturesque view of the Himalayan Ranges and the neighboring towns beneath the resort. You will definitely enjoy your stay, yes the rooms are a tad bit pricey but yes the price you pay for your stay is totally value for money and you will enjoy every bit of it. This is the only resort which is a mountaintop resort and guests can rejoice their stay by having pure Darjeeling tea and snacks.

Chamong Chiabari the best Darjeeling tea garden resort

Chamong Chiabari is one of the most premium Darjeeling tea garden resort presents. Chamong Chiabari is the best getaway from the hustle bustle of the city life which is being nestled in a valley amidst the mighty Himalayan Ranges. Guests get the opportunity to see the snow-clad Kanchenjunga which is the third highest peak in the whole world from their rooms. The resort is perched atop a serene mountain cliff which gives awe-inspiring views of Darjeeling.

Oh Boy!! You will surely enjoy every bit of it just the way I did during my stay at Chamong Chiabari, half of the time I was busy clicking photos of the resort instead of the natural beauty of Darjeeling. This is one resort which is present at an elevation of 4800 ft. above sea level which nearly took my breath away. The rooms are just Wow!! They are spacious, large and allowed me to view the serene beauty of Darjeeling from the window of my room. Yes, one thing more you will get to taste the awesome Darjeeling tea in this resort which will make your day the best ever. Trust me this place is one fine heaven to stay. I enjoyed and I am sure you all will do the same.


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