A Guide To Best London Riverside Cafe’s


If you have ever waked down by the Thames and looked longingly into some of the fine dinning restaurants, but not known where to start, then you’re not alone. It is a sign of a true Londoner who knows the good places by the waterfront and knows where you’ll always get a seat. The cafe’s and restaurant’s along the rivers and canals in London offer some truly unique dinning experiences and some food not to be missed.

Coppa Club

If you are looking for a view, then the Coppa Club offers one of the widest views you could imagine. The huge glass front will guarantee you a great view of Tower Bridge.

The food is comfortable and affordable, pizzas and pastas form the most part of the menu, but with a view like this, the food is just a great accompaniment.

Darcie & May Green

Stepping back from the Thames and moving on the canals, Darcie & May Green floats on Sir Peter Blake designed barges, with views right into the heart of Paddington and only a stones throw away from the station. The menu starts with breakfasts of banana bread and coffee on the sun deck, then moves into the warmth of the dining area for some pretty traditional Australian dishes.

Le Pont de la Tour

At the height of a London class, Le Pont de la Tour, is stunningly beautiful in the dining room as well as the menu. The view over Tower Bridge stretches right down the Thames. Whilst the food menu runs from a Bar & Grill pub style menu, up to the elaborate fine dining experience you would expect in these surroundings. An evening out at Le Pont de la Tour should be paired perfectly with an overnight stay, so that you can enjoy a night time walk along the Thames. A quick search for serviced apartments in London will find you a lovely night spot right along your route.

London Shell Co.

Heading away from the shores of the waterways and actually onto them, a meal aboard the London Shell Co. is all about the experience. The meal will be served between Paddington Station and Camden Lock, then a superb jazz singer will kick in and allow you to relax with a sumptuous dessert right around Regent’s Park. The whole experience is top notch.

OXO Tower Restaurant

Sitting within one of London’s most iconic landmarks and up on the eighth-floor, you are going to see nearly all of the Thames from your table. The view stretches from St Paul’s over to Stratford and everything in between. Whilst the view is London-centric the food is a first-class worldly adventure.

Heading out to any of these cafes and restaurants is going to be just as much about the view and the ambience as it is about the food. When you start with world-class food, that can only mean that you are walking into a night to remember.


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