Rating of the Best Dramatic Films


After watching a good drama, viewers suddenly run out of words to describe what they feel. The emotions and impressions of the history shown on the screen are so strong that you can not describe them with banal phrases from reviews. You can only feel them. In this article, we will list our personal opinion about the best dramas. And if you want to check them, make sure to visit https://www.biggmovienow.com/.

Manchester by the Sea

Unfriendly plumber Lee learns that his brother is dead, and now he should become the guardian of a 16-year-old nephew. The problem is that now he needs to return to his hometown, where the tragic past lies. Lee cannot forgive himself because the burden of guilt is too heavy. The coolest play of actors and poetic atmosphere make viewers amazed from the very first frames.


The protagonist, an African-American born in Miami, experiences many difficulties, including a very hard relationship with his mother, peers and himself. The film is divided into three parts, which tells about the childhood, youth and adult life of the hero. The picture touches upon acute social problems, making us think about how complicated the world of people is and how important it is to find our place in it.

Ma Ma

Magda, a talented teacher, and loving mother learns of a terrible diagnosis that could soon ruin her young body. But will the illness break the spirit of this woman? Magda is not going to give up, she is struggling for life, lives every day as the last and, of course, loves her loved ones even more passionately. This film is a vivid hymn to life and the desire to be happy despite all the blows of fate.


The film tells the story of the national hero of Scotland, who fought for the independence of his people. Personal tragedy and terrifying injustice forced this man to rebel against the king of England, to rebel and regain his freedom. On the one hand, the film is very spectacular because of the landscapes of Scotland, life in the Middle Ages, realistic battles, etc. And on the other hand, it is insanely emotional.

Bicentennial Man

Andrew is a robot that was bought by a family to do different cleaning tasks. But it turns out that Andrew is not just a device. In front of amazed people, he learns to joke, asks different questions and finally begins to feel. A wonderful film with an interesting plot that tries to answer the eternal question about what makes us human.


After the tragic death of Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich in 1972, a MOSSAD agent gathers a group to eliminate the Palestinians who are responsible for this event. Nervous tension is growing every day and it becomes increasingly difficult for heroes to keep their minds. This is a heavy psychological film about revenge, which makes viewers think about many problems.


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