5 Best Honeymoon destinations in India for passionate lovers


So you have already spent so much time searching honeymoon destination. And you are still confused with various choices in your bucket list. Some of them are great with sightseeing but some of them are great with adventures. You want to have all the fun on your honeymoon.

Here, we are suggesting 5 romantic honeymoon destinations in India where you can start your love journey capturing most romantic moments on your honeymoon.

1. Neil Island in Andamans

All honeymoon mesh; Relaxing and chatting on the beach

Andaman should be the first choice in your list while deciding of Honeymoon destination. Beach paradise, sun-kissed beaches and all advance water sports are proud of Neil Island. This is where you can write your love diary in different languages. Ranked in Best beaches, Neil Island has incredible things to offer such as lighthouse presence, stunning views and white sand beaches.

What to do romantic?

  • Go and enjoy rich marine life in the crystal clear water.
  • Spectacular sunset worth to watch.
  • Don’t miss candlelit dinner by the beach, under shining stars.

2. Party Paradise: Goa

things to do in goa

Do you need introduction? Goa is very popular among all romantic couples across India. Goa has everything to satisfy all your honeymoon needs. Royal Portuguese Architecture, dancing glasses of feni and beachside parties. Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus are one of the very famous churches located in the party state of Goa.

What are the romantic offers of Goa?

  • Take refreshing dip in the beauty of Goa, viewing splendid sunset and dawns.
  • Cruise far on ferries and groove on folk creations of Goans, holding glass, full of beers.
  • Take long walk by the beaches, talking romantic with you bae.

3. Jaipur: Essence of royalty in love

What about having candlelit dinner on the royal terrace of hotel in Jaipur? Yes, you can only have this pleasure in the glorious city of Jaipur. Hold the hand of your love, bend down on your knees and propose in the most romantic way, if you have ever planned it of doing it in future. The royal city offers a lot of opportunities of expressing your love.

What are romantic offerings of Jaipur?

  • Make romantic visit to Sisodia Rani Garden.
  • Stay Cozy and romantic at royal palace.
  • Do idyllic hangout to Royal Forresta Kitchen & bar.

4. Kerala: Write your love story riding houseboat on backwaters

Kerala has everything to entertain you on your honeymoon. Mountains, Lakes, Houseboats, and coffee plantation, Kerala has it all. Sing songs walking by the side of lush green hills and breathe fresh and refreshing air there. Kerala’s backwater charm won’t allow you to go back and its splendid delights are good enough to bind you in love knot.

Romantic things to explore in Kerala:

  • Hire a houseboat and never forget to cheer up with a drink as you glide passing through palm-fringed backwaters.
  • Rent a car or bike and take romantic drive up to the mountains in Wayanad.
  • Enjoying sunset and dawn would add another romantic scene to your honeymoon trip.

5. Kashmir: A true heaven, give you opportunity to explore love

Settled Switzerland in India, Kashmir is the perfect place for honeymooners where you capture precious love moments of your life. Enjoy panoramic views looking outside the window, sitting in front of fire, holding each other in arms, like a movie scene. Never forget to go out and taste local Kashmiri cuisine in a restaurant or hotel. Watching Snow-clad mountains is perfect additive in your love trip.

What’s so romantic there?

  • Never forget to enjoy Gondola ride together and also spot a perfect view of Gulmarg from 14,000 feet.
  • Let your partner enjoy walking up to the valley of Strawberry and also taste them as a sample.
  • Here you get the chance of reeling your real love moments while romancing your partner on a Shikara ride.

Here, this is not the end of romantic destinations in India. You can also find out best honeymoon destination by exploring Honeymoon Bug, the leading tours and travel portal where you meet all your travel requirements.

Valentine day is coming! It’s the best time to visit one of the romantic destinations in India. Choose your favourite one and we are here to provide you the cheap honeymoon packages for sure.


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