Benefit and Incentive Programs: How to maximize your impact on Productivity?


Benefit and incentive programs have proven to be very effective in stimulating the achievement of specific objectives in companies, while being highly valued by employees.

In our country, these tools have begun to gain popularity; although as an industry, it is still at an early stage of its development. But, it is being applied every time in a more methodological and systematic way. What are these programs? What advantages does it offer? How to design and implement them? Will they continue to permeate the companies?

The programs of incentives and benefits for the personnel are used by the companies to recognize and reward their employees with the purpose of motivating them and achieving an improvement of their productivity.

“But, it also helps reduce turnover levels. They work as additional benefits to the salary benefits, “says expert’s in this field.

In what refers specifically to the incentive schemes, these allow the company to manage positive results in the important variables of its business since they are designed, in a structured and coherent way, according to their objectives or needs.

There are programs that require, previously, determining which variables are to be influenced. This are programs that directly encourage sales, product mix or coverage, to programs that encourage internal training or programs in the production line that encourages the use of resources more efficiently.

On the other hand, benefit programs by Landmark Forum improve the loyalty of the collaborator, client or user. All this has an impact on a better value equation, a better relationship, a better working environment, and so on. What, in turn, reduces turnover, improves loyalty, recommendation and permanence. Many companies are showing their interest in landmark forum after reading Landmark Forum Reviews.

More advantages

According to experts, if the incentive and benefit programs are well designed and aligned to the profile of the company’s workers, they promote healthy competition and greater motivation to achieve goals among employees, while also generating emotional bond company-employees.

All this has a positive impact on several fronts: levels of motivation, productivity and even in levels of staff turnover; but, without increasing labour costs and also impacting the profitability of companies.

In addition to keeping staff motivated, says Juan Aspillaga, these tools make it possible to achieve changes in the behaviour pattern of participants to improve the proper use of company resources.


Although complementary, benefit programs and incentive programs are different from each other and pursue different objectives. Pioneers explain that the former can materialize in discounts and benefits for workers in different businesses and services, such as restaurants, family entertainment places, health services, and so on. Normally, they are benefits that are given to all workers in a general way (they do not need to meet certain requirements to obtain them).


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