Avoid These Top 5 SEO Misinterpretations To Be On Top In 2017


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As digital marketers, we all talk about search engine optimization. We talk about how beneficial SEO is. We discover new-new SEO tricks and strategies to make our brand recognizable in the market.  We all know that with the power of search engine optimization, we can conquer the organic search engine results pages and get more traffic or rankings on our website. All above things are true- SEO is the most integral part of any digital marketing plan.

Unfortunately, it is the quite challenging thing to explain to various entrepreneurs especially when it comes to why they actually need it. Because obviously, they are far away from the science of SEO, its keywords, algorithms, tags, backlinks- only a digital marketer can understand these terms. Moreover, SEO process and methods progress so quickly that most of the professionals get failed to understand. There are some misinterpretations among business owners about SEO.

Let’s have a look on some of the major misinterpretations about SEO which will help you to amplify your SEO campaigning.

  1. SEO Is a one-time process

Experts of SEO services in Chicago observed that most of the business owners think that SEO is a one-time process, once they are done with it, they can stop it- which is absolutely wrong! SEO is a huge process. This includes optimizations of web pages, daily content posting, natural links, target traffic, and dialog improvements in the site. Then how can you think of stopping SEO when you do not know which strategy your competitors are planning every day.

There is no end to SEO- you need to keep on improving your business each and every day to gain better rankings.

  1. We need to get links only

SEO is far bigger than you think. Most of the people think SEO is just about getting backlinks. Yes. Link building is a part of SEO. But it is not the only thing to be followed. SEO does not only rely on linking. Plus, most of the individuals focus on links quantity but the truth is SEO is about quality, not quantity. There is a huge difference between driving one link from high-quality website and number of links from low-quality websites. Understand this!

  1. Keyword stuffing is in trend

SEO is not about stuffing your content with keywords. The time has changed, Google looks for the high-quality content which keywords are naturally used, not stuffed. Keywords are important to get good rankings but just stuffed them into some random content is not SEO thing.

  1. Guest blogging is an old thing

Once guest blogging did vanish because of some black hat SEO experts but hopefully, in 2017, the guest blogging is on the priority list of the Google. White hat SEO experts know this trend and they are following it.

  1. Content marketing overruled SEO

It is true that content marketing is very important to attain the customers on your website but that does not mean that content has eliminated other methods of digital marketing. Incorporating right keywords in the content, and including quality links in the content are equally important.

Try to understand these misconceptions and follow right digital marketing strategies. Keep going up!



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