7 Most Important Aspects Of A Home That You Cannot Neglect


Having a secured home is one of the most significant accomplishments that top in everyone’s bucket list.  Although homeowners and other insurances give peace of mind ensuring that you will get full coverage of damages and losses, few other things should be taken care of.

Further, most houses don’t have built-in safety features, if you want to ensure long-term safety and security of your home and of your family, here are the few things you should consider:

Smoke And CO Detectors

While fire extinguishers are common in every house, smoke and Co detectors are also important. Co gas is very poisonous and can bring you to death. Also, it is invisible and odorless, but having a co detector will give you warning that the toxic gas is leaking in your home. If you are going to install a new smoke detector, do not install it in the kitchen. Moreover, if you already have the one make sure to check it in every three months to ensure its functionality and home safety.

Electrical Safety

Fire can occur at any time and can affect homeowners both financially and mentally. While anything can instigate fire, one of the most common ones is electrical damages. Have a look at some essential tips to ensure electrical safety:

  • Damaged Cords

Change or repair damaged cords of appliances and electronics. Check all frayed, pinched or exposed cords to stay protected.

  • Circuits

Avoid overloading outlets and use only high-wattage appliances per outlet. Overloading can break the circuit and can also damage your appliances.

Doors And Windows

Whether it’s broken doors, broken locks or property defacements burglary or vandalism can be a scary experience. Not only it risks the owner’s safety, but it also hampers the property and brings you in grave situations.

So, keep your doors and windows installed with high-tech locks. Make sure your exterior doors have deadbolt locks. Also, if you have sliding doors, make sure they have vertical bolts and metal rod so that thefts will not open the doors forcefully. If you are new to property or simply want to re-fix your locks, you can also call a professional residential locksmith to help you. With doors being secured and protected you will get the peace of mind that your family and personal belongings are safe!

Surveillance Cameras

A surveillance camera is another important aspect of home safety, so install them! Install them outside your home to vigil who is on the door.  You can also connect your security camera to your phone to keep an eye on your home when you are away. Some camera’s also come with features like cloud storage, infrared vision, notification alerts and more, so choose according to your preferences.

An Emergency Plan

If you are staying in a building or the top story, you must have an exit emergency plan. If you are living in a building with many stories, try to convince the admin to have an emergency exit. Have a plan that will work for earthquakes and other hazards situations. Also, keep a ladder ready to run away in case of emergencies.

Clean Exteriors

If you think that you had done everything to protect your home, think over! While inside measures are important, walk around the exteriors to scout its weaknesses. Keeping entrances clean, walkways trimmed, hedges small and installing motion sensors are some of the things you can do to protect your home.

Home Insurances

One of the most important things about a secure home is having home insurance. For instance, you live in a place where natural hazards are around the corner, and your home is most likely to get affected by it; you should get insurance. Besides, some threats are other than natural hazard which can also damage your home. The insurance will help you stay protected and will cover you from the damages.

So, those were some of the most important aspects to making your home protected and secure. Keep them in mind and have a safe stay!


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