You Need These 10 Family Tech Devices in Your Home Today


According to a recent survey, 53 million adults in the United States now own at least one smart device. As people engage more with technology, they discover the positive aspects.

Smart devices and modern technology can transform your family life. They can keep you connected. These family tech devices can also improve home security.

New technology isn’t cheap. Given the glut of gadgets and other technology available, it’s hard to know what devices you need and how they benefit you.

We’ve done the work for you. Read on to learn about the top ten family technology devices you need for your home.

1Smart Thermostats

The average American spends $1,945 every year on heating and cooling. Inefficient HVAC systems and thermostats cause that price to rise. There’s also the environmental impact to consider.

Smart thermostats control your heating and cooling through your phone. Here’s how they work:

  • Program for the time of day and weather conditions
  • Learns your family patterns and adjusts heating and cooling
  • Built-in sensors monitor the number of people in the room
  • Smartphone integration allows you to adjust the thermostat away from home
  • Adjustments like these reduce your carbon footprint and your utility bills

2Smart Smoke Detectors

You install smoke and carbon monoxide to keep your family safe. They also protect your home investment. A fire detected too late could have drastic impacts.

Traditional smoke detectors only respond to the presence of smoke and gas. Smart smoke detectors take your safety to the next level.

  • Temperature Changes: Smart detectors respond not only to smoke but drastic temperature changes
  • Notifications: Your smoke detector sends automatic alerts to fire departments in case of fire
  • Alerts: Smartphone integration sends fire alerts to you while you’re away from home
  • Longer Battery Life: Rest assured knowing your detectors are charged

3Smart Home Security

Did you know a home break-in occurs every 15 seconds in the United States? It’s horrifying, but the high-tech home is safe.

Smart security systems provide a family with increased safety and an easy-to-use interface. You don’t want a smart security system. You need one.

Smart Cameras

Smart security systems come with wireless cameras you can set up inside and outside your house. You’re able to access these cameras at any time from your smartphone or mobile tablet device.

The cameras are small, unobtrusive, and easy to hide. Any would-be burglar might not even know they’re on camera.

They also work great to monitor delivery people and/or package thieves. Have you noticed your deliveries go missing? Catch the thief red-handed with these smart cameras.

Smart Locks

With an integrated smart security system, you’re able to lock or unlock your home with your smartphone. This feature keeps your family safe, but it’s also convenient.

Why fumble with your keys while carrying groceries or a load of laundry. Unlock your door from your car so you can walk right in.

Smart Alarms

You can arm or disarm your home security system from anywhere. If someone you know trips the alarm while you’re not home, you don’t have to worry about the police showing up. You can disarm from your phone.

You’ll also never have to worry whether you set the alarm before you left. Pull up the app and check. A simple button-press arms it for you.

Grant access to your home through personalized code rather than a physical key. When someone enters, you’re notified immediately of their presence.

Facial Recognition

Some systems allow for your system to distinguish faces before entering. If someone should get an access code they shouldn’t have, your system can still deny entry if their face doesn’t match the code holder.

4Universal Remote System

You can access most of your smart home systems through smartphone integration. That’s great if you’re away from home, but seriously? Sometimes you want to put your phone away.

Too many apps will clutter your phone, too.

You can disconnect from the distracting outside world and keep yourself wired to all your home devices with a universal smart remote.

These remote systems can link up to all of your devices without the need for your phone. When it comes to technology and kids, we often want them to put their phones away. They can do that with a remote.

5Countertop Smart Oven

When discussing technology for families, it’s hard to avoid talking about countertop smart ovens. What are they, exactly?

They look like toaster ovens, they function like toaster ovens, but they’re so much more! They’ll transform your kitchen, and they’re safe enough for your kids to use.

  • Wi-fi connection allows you to monitor your cooking away from the oven
  • See your food with a built-in wi-fi camera
  • Pre-programmed recipes set the correct temperatures and times
  • Internal temperature probe tells you when food is just right
  • Temperature controls monitor your kids’ use
  • Less guesswork with recipes

A countertop smart oven frees you from your kitchen. Walk away and keep track of your dinner!

6The Home PC

With smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and laptops, you might think the home PC’s outdated. You’d be wrong. PCs and desktop computers are valuable tools for any smart home.

Inexpensive Upgrades

PCs are easy and less expensive to upgrade. A smartphone upgrade means buying a new phone. The same goes for a new tablet or video game system.

With a PC, you can upgrade hardware like the motherboard and internal processor with a simple online tutorial.


While all our electronics do multiple things, there’s no piece of equipment more versatile than a PC or family shared computer.

What other technology can you do your taxes, research and write a paper, and play the latest video games?

Cheaper Than a Laptop

When you buy a laptop, you buy convenience. It’s a computer you can take anywhere. Because it is stationary, a high-powered PC costs less than its laptop counterpart.

7Smart Drink Maker

This past year saw bars close due to COVID-19. As a deadly pandemic kept you inside, you were no longer able to enjoy your favorite cocktail.

For some, this meant mastering mixology. People go to bars and restaurants to enjoy drinks and meals with friends and family. They also go to be served.

A smart drink maker can never replace the camaraderie of your favorite bartender. It can make the perfect tasting drink every time.

  • Exact measurements mean perfect proportions
  • Pre-filled liquor canisters prevent bottles from taking up space
  • Cocktail capsules or mixtures produce perfect taste
  • CO2 infusion means your cocktail is always bubbly

8Smart Refrigerator

Have you noticed a pattern yet? Any home item you can think of now has a smart counterpart. A smart refrigerator transforms your kitchen into a futuristic wonderland and saves you money on food waste.

  • Built-in cameras let you see what’s inside, so you don’t double buy at the grocery store
  • The door screen serves as a calendar and bulletin board
  • Play music or watch TV with your fridge
  • Programmable timers notify you when food spoils
  • Adjust the temperature from your smartphone

9LED Mood Lighting

Want to set the mood for a romantic evening? What about a festive atmosphere with fun colors? With smart lighting, you can transform your kitchen or bedroom into the swankiest club and dance the night away.

Smartphone controls and a vast color spectrum give you the mood you want for any occasion.

  • LED lighting uses less electricity
  • LED lights don’t overheat
  • These strips cut with scissors to be as big or small as you want
  • Hide them on counters or baseboards for light without a cluttered appearance
  • You can set them to turn on or off at certain times
  • Integrated design means you can control them when you’re away from home

10The Home Smart Hub

Turning your home into a high-tech haven means you’ll need a way to create a home network for all your devices. A home smart hub or assistant does that.

  • Streamlines all your smart technology into one home operation
  • Activate any of your technology with voice commands
  • Keeps your home organized and safe by integrating all of your technology
  • Functions on its own as a stereo or Bluetooth speaker

The Latest Family Tech Will Change Your Life

Keep your family safe and stay connected with the latest family tech gadgets. These wondrous technological advances harness your existing technology to make your life easier and safer.

From complex home security systems to smart bartenders, this home technology will keep your family together and running smoothly.

Do you need more technology news? Make sure to check out the rest of our page for the latest home technology updates.


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