6 Cool Apps to Improve Your Work-Life Balance


If someone had told us we would be as dependable on mobile apps as we are today just a few years ago, we might’ve waved them off. Yet, here we are. And it’s hardly a surprise anymore; mobile apps do, in fact, make our lives significantly easier.There is virtually no sphere of life that can’t be at least in some way or to a certain degree be improved with a mobile application. Let’s dwell on that for a second, shall we?

Healthy Lifestyle Apps

For example, say you wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle. All you’d need to do is choose between a myriad of different exercise companions (with or without challenges), healthy food apps, or even apps with trackers that remind you to take a walk, allow you to set daily goals and monitor every single step you make.

Task Organization Apps

Furthermore, if you need a mobile app for organizing your workload and tasks – guess what? Plenty to choose from in that area, as well! Some of you might prefer the Asana app, others like their Trello better or perhaps your app of choice is Evernote.

In any case, your work can be much more organized with a single tap of the finger – so why not give these task management apps a go?

Gaming Apps

Same goes for leisure. Bored? Need to let off some steam? There’s literally thousands of mobile apps designed to bring you one step closer to the most diverse games in the world. Word games, arcade games, fantasy football – you name it.

If, perhaps, casino games and, more specifically, online slots are more of your thing, then the AskGamblers app can help you find more info on every single aspect of slots, online casinos and much more.

Travelling Apps

Time to hit the road? Mobile apps can be a huge help there, as well. Especially if you have trouble picking what to pack (some apps will conveniently list all the essentials, while taking into consideration factors like your destination, time of the year, etc).

Or, say, you are travelling somewhere you haven’t been before. Plenty of apps allow you to download GPS maps that can help you along the way. While you’re probably thinking of Google Maps right now, allow us to provide you with another option – HERE WeGO, an interactive map also available in offline mode.

Time Management Apps

Ultimately, everything can be a distraction today. From social media to YouTube and while, sure, all of them have their own benefits, when you’re supposed to focus on work and only work, they can prove to be even harder to resist than usual. What can help you then? Time management apps that’ll minimize the distractions.

There are plenty of apps designed to make note of how exactly you divide your time or even simply block you from websites you have recognized as the biggest time wasters in your life. Either way, these apps can help you focus on the task at hand, and not procrastination, which you’ll agree is phenomenal. Our suggestion? The RescueTime app.

Your Favourite Mobile Apps?

Surely, there are plenty more applications we could’ve mentioned, but the choice is so vast that it’s virtually impossible. However, if there are any other apps you’d like to add to the list that make your life more organized or fun, do let us know. We could make use of them too, surely!


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