15+ Apps to Help With Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Consider these 15 Android applications to Help With Kitchen Remodeling Ideas when you’re planning for the project and don’t rush things as you don’t want to complicate things up.

There are countless ways to design a living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or a house in general. There are a lot of ideas you can find visually and even virtually anywhere. You can also seek the help of the professionals or watch videos from the internet on how to do remodeling yourself.

Of all the areas from the bedroom, living room, and bathroom, the kitchen is one of the most renovated areas inside the house. Kitchens are large tasks in particular, and it’s the primary area in the house where people often gather, from your family to your friends. Therefore, you need to do a lot of planning as you have things to consider before remodeling.

Designing your dream house is a lot of work. You have cabinets, countertops, appliances, and even the flooring. You need to consider these things to achieve your dream kitchen. But nowadays, you don’t have to worry about your design as technology is already here to help create the perfect kitchen. Take your cue from the best kitchen designing apps for Android.

Houzz Application

Considered as one of the best kitchen designing app, Houzz has won an award from “The New York Times.” With over 8 to 15 million photos of kitchen design ideas, Houzz is currently one of the leading apps for kitchen designs. It’s a combination of ideas and shopping app. It primarily provides you with the information you needed to build your dream kitchen.

Houzz inspires homeowners with the designs they offer. Moreover, it also has shopping features with over nine million items. The good thing about having the Houzz app is that is has a “My Room Feature” which gives you the privilege of designing and customizing your own room. Therefore, you can create your kitchen according to your likes.

In this way, you can design your kitchen with every detail, and you can see if a piece of furniture will fit in the spot where you want to place it. Most users refer to Houzz as the decor’s version of Wikipedia. So check its website or download the app to save your favorite pictures and ideas for your dream kitchen.

Homify Application

Homify is another reliable home improvement application which offers more ideas than actions. It has over 1.5 million photos and ideas of different house and kitchen designs. It’s one of the newest online platforms for home improvement and construction.

You can use this app by browsing in search for ideas and designs for your home, especially your kitchen. Also, Homify lets you save the photos you’ve selected to your favorites for quick recall. Moreover, you can use this app to find home improvement professionals near you such as home builders Melbourne. This app works well, and it’s free to download.

WikiHow Application

WikiHow is an online app consisting of an extensive database of how-to guides, including home improvement. It also aims to create the most helpful how-to articles that would help everyone that uses the apps. Packed with information, WikiHow is the perfect app to use when you’re looking for help regarding the tips on kitchen remodeling.

On this how-to guides platform, you can use the search feature to look for specific information like “kitchen renovating ideas,” “kitchen remodeling tips,” “kitchen design tips,” etc. With the help of WikiHow, you’ll find enough ideas about what you should do with your kitchen. Moreover, WikiHow also has sample pictures to show you for your reference.

Aside from renovating ideas, you can also search for any information concerning home improvement. Also, you can find reliable tips on how to plan for the remodeling project, choosing the suitable colors for your kitchen, and finding the right contractor to assist you in achieving your dream kitchen.


SmartDraw is one of the most helpful software when it comes to home improvement, notably kitchen renovation. Home design tools over the years tend to wane, but SmartDraw has been continually improving since its release. Over 500 companies have been using SmartDraw as their primary tool for designing kitchen.

The reason for its success is that SmartDraw is more than just a kitchen design application or a home improvement software. It also has visuals with over 70 selections, including schematics, flowcharts, and graphs. Moreover, it’s where the “robust kitchen component” comes into play.

Zillow Digs Application

Predominately known for its online database of home values, Zillow Digs is one of the most reliable home improvement application when talking about kitchen renovation ideas. Similar to Houzz, this is also an application for kitchen design ideas, interior, and exterior. You can get the information you needed to make your kitchen upgrade possible.

Also, Zillow Digs allows you to estimate your cost based on the location of your house, lets you choose the paint colors and gives you the product details. Also, like Houzz, you can search for images to inspire you on what design you would want for your kitchen.

Home Design 3D App

Home Design 3D is a reliable home design application which is usable for kitchens as well. This app creates 3D spaces which makes it realistic, and the good thing about this is you can make those 3D spaces according to your specifications.

It gives you the opportunity to build, decorate, and customize your home, especially your dream kitchen according to your likes. One reason that Home Design 3D is an excellent kitchen design app is that you can make sure that your plans can work by customizing every decor, space, and furniture.

IKEA Application

When it comes to sets of furniture, IKEA is the application you’d want to install. IKEA’s products are affordable flat-pack furniture which is excellent for your kitchen. They continue to offer newly made products or their latest products in the market with top quality.

But, it’s not only about the furniture in your bedroom and living room, but you can also find a lot of inspiration for your dream kitchen. You can find ideas for your kitchen island, cabinetry, etc. Like the other apps, there are plenty of pictures and videos available in the app to get your creative side flowing.


If you’re fond of designing your kitchen according to your likes, then SketchUp could be the most suitable application for you. As a primary design tool, SketchUp is moderately easy to learn which has a significant and more powerful cousin called SketchUp Pro.

The developer of SketchUp is Google, which is why you can tell that it’s a reliable application not only for the professionals but also for the newbies. The primary function of this app is it allows you to freely customize your design for your home, especially for your kitchen.

Remodelista Application

Like other home improvement designing apps, Remodelista is also a sourcebook for interior and exterior home design. With photos over a thousand, this application offers you well-edited interiors and home products.

Remodelista is easy and accessible because of its daily articles and photos. Moreover, this app provides inspiring stylish DIY projects and architecture. In this way, you can choose whichever design you wanted for your kitchen.

MagicPlan Application

Like Home Design 3D, Magicplan is also a 3D home design app. This application is useful for professionals who want a precise outcome of the design chosen. Magicplan allows you to create virtual rooms which also lets you fill those particular rooms with virtual objects according to your likes.

One advantage of this app is that the measurements are real, so you won’t have to worry if the furniture you placed won’t fit when you start the renovation project. When using MagicPlan, you need the help of a professional as it can be a bit problematic with the angles.

RoomScan Pro

If you’re planning on doing a major renovation on your kitchen, you often have to wait for a professional to prepare for the blueprint of your kitchen’s design such as what are the floor plans, location, and setting of windows and doors. But with the use of RoomScan Pro, you can plan ahead the layout with just the use of your smartphone.

RoomScan Pro lets you render the current floor plan of your kitchen and then make modifications. Therefore, instead of waiting for the expert, you can start visualizing your dream kitchen early on.

Pinterest App

Considered as the mother of all inspiration design for home improvement, Pinterest has become one of the most reliable home design application. Because of its well known visual bookmarking tool, Pinterest helps you select and choose the design you wanted for your kitchen.

As one of the features of Pinterest, you can simply pin the photos you have chosen for the design of your kitchen. As days pass by, there’ll be more inspiring photographs for you, so make sure to check your Pinterest account from time to time.

Planner 5D Application

Planner 5D is one of the most favorite home design apps, especially for kitchen design apps. Like most planners, it allows you to create space and lets you place the furniture and see if it fits where they need too. Moreover, it also offers 2D and 3D planning options.

This application is free, but if you want to have a better and high-quality experience, you can purchase it on google apps. It may get expensive as the application allows you to add more significant items and rooms for multiple editing.

TapPainter App

From the name itself, TapPainter helps you choose the most suitable color for your home design, especially for your kitchen. As one of the most complicated things you need to do is to identify which color suits your kitchen wall. In this way, by using TapPainter, you can select different colors for your kitchen and find whichever matches your kitchen components well.

Instagram App

You probably know about Instagram already, but it’s not just about the photos people upload about their daily life, it’s also a great app to look for inspiring images for your kitchen design. Instagram is full of jaw-dropping remodeling ideas which can brighten up your kitchen.

Most users go for Instagram when they are looking for inspiration about furniture and cabinets. Also, it offers new trends in kitchen renovation. So sign up now and start searching for the most suitable kitchen design.


Renovating a kitchen is never an easy job. It needs thorough planning, especially time and effort. If you’re planning for a significant renovation, better seek the help of the professionals for a quality-wise outcome. In the end, your idea will always be the priority and the experts will only be there to help and guide you on the process.

Consider these 15 Android applications when you’re planning for the project and don’t rush things as you don’t want to complicate things up. Take your time preparing and slowly achieve the best kitchen you’re visualizing.


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